Association of Classical Christian Schools - Atlanta (48 mp3s)

Association of Classical Christian Schools - Atlanta (48 mp3s)
Organization: ACCS
Price: $150.00

Complete recordings from the Association of Classical Christian Schools Conference (2007) held in Atlanta, Georgia Georgia, June 21-23, 2007. This is a downloadable mp3 set including 50 sessions (all sessions available by July 9, 2007). Featuring the key note speakers, George Grant, Douglas Wilson, Matt Whitling and selections from the classical guitar concert by Gregg Strawbridge.

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Items Included

ACCS 2007 - What is a Christian Worldview Douglas Wilson
After the Thrill What Keeps CCE Going George Grant
Antithesis in the Classroom - Matt Whitling Matt Whitling
Boys and Girls in the Upper School Years - Douglas Wilson Douglas Wilson
Christ the Lord of Kirk and Covenant George Grant
Christ The Lord of Rhetoric Jim Nance
Christ the Lord of the Classroom Matt Whitling
Christ the Lord of the Future Douglas Wilson
Christ's Lordship over Culture Douglas Wilson
Christ's Lordship over History Ty Fischer
Christ's Lordship over Logic Jim Nance
Classical Christian Calculus Upper Math (cut short) Jim Nance
Classroom Discipline Matt Whitling
Confessions - Biggest Mistake We Made ACCS Panel
Creating Materials to Market Your School Gene Liechty
Cultural Trends Piercings, Blogs, MySpace and CCE Douglas Wilson
Declining to Serve the Lord - Grant Colvin Grant Colvin
Developing School Culture (Panel Discussion) Ga...Phillips, Stephenson
Dumb and Dumber - The Desperate Need for Classical Christian Education George Grant
Facing Issues of Facilities and Land Acquisition (Panel Discussion)
Grammar School Methodology - Matt Whitling Matt Whitling
Honoring Christ Through Diligent Gatekeeping - Tom Garfield Tom Garfield
How Firm a Foundation Startup Advice Tom Garfield
Kingly-Concentrated Curriculum - Kathy Arrick Kathy Arrick
Learning English Grammar - Leslie Collins Leslie Collins
Lowering Standards Submitting to Christ's Authority - Douglas Wilson Douglas Wilson
Making Great Fiction Writers - Doug Jones Doug Jones
Math with Younger Children Leslie Collins
Memory Period-Grammar School in 20 Minutes or Less Ty Fischer
Molding an Effective Latin Program Grant Colvin
O the Deep Deep Love of Jesus and A Mighty Fortress (Guitar Music) Gregg Strawbridge
Operational Finances
Raising Poets Doug Jones
Respect for Authority and Independence of Mind Douglas Wilson
Teaching Children to Love Stories Leslie Collins
Teaching Math Classically Jim Nance
Teaching Physics as a Christian in a Post-Enlightenment Age Jim Nance
Teaching the Great Books Ty Fischer
Teaching Young Children to Love Christ Leslie Collins
The Kuyperian Vision of Christ's Lordship - George Grant George Grant
The Lordship of Christ in Grammar School Literature
The Need for Trinitarian Imagination Doug Jones
The Poetics of Music Greg Wilbur
The Seven Laws of Teaching Tom Garfield
Trends in CE and CC Education Today Marlin Detweiler
What is ACCS Marlin Detweiler
Why Use Books with Curse Words and Sex Marlin Detweiler