Marlin Detweiler

 Marlin  Detweiler

Marlin is the President of Veritas Press, a full service curriculum provider for classical Christian education. Marlin was a founding board member for Veritas Academy in Lancaster, PA and The Geneva School, Orlando, FL. More about Marlin Detweiler.

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19 Guiding Children Toward Vocation and Dominion  
02 Classical Education 101  
Why Use Books with Curse Words and Sex  
Trends in CE and CC Education Today  
What is ACCS  
Academic Standards - Marlin Detweiler  
Zero to Sixty in Sixty  
Classical Education 101  
Zero to Sixty in Sixty  
Future Men and Women (Veritas 2004)  
Academic Standards (Veritas 2004)  
Introduction to Classical and Christian Education (Veritas 2004)  
Ty Fischer - Preparation For Accreditation  
Board Issues  
Starting A School  
Purpose Goals And The Godly Child  
Classical Christian Education Revisited  
Classical Christian Education is Not A Trend  
Marlin and Laurie Detweiler - Teaching History in Grammar Years  
Marlin Detweiler and Chris Acton - Starting Up Testimonies