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Newly available for the complete downloads! An excellent resource for studying theology and philosophy! This important conference addressed the nature of truth and postmodernity. Download 440 mp3s: the entire 2004 56th Annual Meeting of Evangelical Theological Society, held in San Antonio, TX, November 17-19, 2004. The theme was, What is Truth? Plenary sessions were as follows:

Andreas Köstenberger – What is Truth? Pilate’s Question in its Johannine and Larger Biblical Context
Albert Mohler – Truth and Contemporary Culture
J.P. Moreland – Truth and Contemporary Philosophy
Keving Vanhoozer – Lost in Interpretation?: Truth, Scripture and Hermeneutics
Greg Beale – Presidential Address – The Use of Old Testament Prophecy in the New Testament: ‘Literal’ Fulfillment, Allegory or Analogy?

Other notable speakers include, N.T. Wright, John Dominic Crossan, William A. Dembski, Roger Nicole, D.A. Carson, Joahn Warkwick Montgomery, Samuel E. Waldron, Tremper Longman, Peter Enns, Leland Ryken, Gary Habermas, Vern Poythress, Craig Evans and many more.
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Albert Mohler Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., serves as the ninth president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary-the flagship school of the Southern Baptist Convention and one of the largest seminaries in the world. A native of Lakeland, Florida, Dr. Mohler was a Faculty Scholar at Florida Atlantic University before receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree from Samford... read more
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-PLENARY 1 What is Truth? Pilates Question in...ger Biblical Context Andreas J. Köstenberger
-PLENARY 2 Truth and Contemporary Culture Albert Mohler
-PLENARY 3 Truth and Contemporary Philosophy J.P. Moreland
-PLENARY 4 Lost in Interpretation?: Truth Scripture and Hermeneutics Kevin J Vanhoozer
-PLENARY 5 The Use of Old Testament Prophecy i...Allegory or Analogy Gregory K. Beale
A Cognitive Linguistic Approach to Understandin...ial reference to dia
A Critique of Contemporary Premillenialism in t...t and Evangelicalism
A Critique of Contemporary Preterism in the Sto...t and Evangelicalism
A Curse is a Curse? The Blessings and Curses of...6 and Deuteronomy 28
A Johanine Perspective on Truth: Absolute or Relative Steven L. Cox
A Kuyperian Critique of The PurposeDriven Life...Christian Worldview
A Look at the Hardening of Pharaohs Heart in It...nd Literary Contexts
A Man Who Has Told You the Truth: Abraham and t...LORD in John 8:3159
A NeoKuyperian Foray into the Postmodern World:...the Emergent Church Vincent Bacote
A Paradigm for the Theme of Acts Luke 21:1219 Alan F Tomlinson
A Philosophy of Humanity: A Functional Biblical Theology
A Pillar and Foundation of Truth: God Order and...Roles in the Church
A PostMetaphysical Construction of Truth Myron A. Penner
A Postmodern Conception of Truth and Evangelical Apologetics Todd Mangum
A Premature Funeral? A Critique of Stanley as Correspondence Jason McMartin
A ReAppraisal of Profane Slaughter in Deuteronomy 12 Peter T Vogt
A Reconsideration: Salvation History as the Plo...e Book of Revelation
A Redemptive Movement in Hermeneutic: Respondin...yne Grudems Concerns William J. Webb
A Response Eschatology in the Early StoneCampbell Movement Grant R. Osbourne
A Response to Craig C. Hills Intractable Proble...Scriptures Inerrancy
A Response to N. T. Wrights Response to His Critics John Dominic Crossan
A Riddle Solved: Rahab 4QMMT and the Destination of Hebrews Carl Mosser
A Search for a Theme of Leadership in the Johannine Writings Dongsu Kim
A Shattered Chip Off the Old Block: Genesis 1 and the Genre of Genealogy
A Theology of Abusive Shame: When Guilt and Truth Collide Steve Tracy
A Trinitarian Eschatology? Explorations in the...dies and Eschatology Kelly M Kapic
Absolute Truth in Postmodern Times
Alethic Realism and Metaphysical Realism: A Cri...f Alstons Minimalism Timothy Mosteller
Alexandrian Presumption of Authenticity Regardi...tthew 24:49 Addition Abidan Paul Shah
An Attempt to Derive the Axiom In God All Thing...tural Premises Alone Dennis W. Jowers
An Examination of Holy Space in Psalm 73 J. Nathan Clayton
An Introduction to the Christian Thought of Eugene RosenstockHuessy Michael McDuffee
Ancient Archaeological Apologetic: Early Support of Faith Robert W. Smith
And They Have Fallen Away: Apostasy or Appearance of Apostasy Gareth Lee Cockerill
Antichrist The Seventieth Week of Daniel Nine a...n the Ancient Church Robert D. Culver
Apostles and Prophets as the Foundation of the...ument from Eph. 2:20 Frank Chan
Approaching the Problem of Violence in Esther:...lly Subversive Text?
Archaeological Evidence for Premonarchic Israel Bryant G. Wood
Archaeology from Art: Investigating Colossae an...ngel Michael at Kona
Are Only Some Words of Scripture Breathed Out Bible Translation Wayne Grudem
Are Southern Baptists Evangelicals? A Reassessment Malcolm B. Yarnell
Art and the Golden Rule: The Moral Significance...esthetic Sensibility
Ascertaining True Motives: Amicitia and Koinoni...Affair of Athanasius Glen L. Thompson
Augustine on Deification
Augustines Theory of Relativity: A Summary of Confessions Book XI Kent A Kersey
Beauty Proportion and Excellency Jonathan Edwar...ty and Individuation Oliver Crisp
Before Foundationalism: A More Biblical of Doing Theology Robert C. Kurka
BeliefsPreferences and Authority: Making Distin...the Quest for Truth Douglas S. Huffman
Biblical Textual Criticism in Two Models of Origin Larry N. Baker
Biblical Theology Affecting Systematics
Biblical Usage of the Creation Motif
Bloesch on Christology
Bloesch on Christology Fred Sanders
Bloesch on Doctrine of Scripture John Douglas Morrison
Bloesch on Theological Method
Bloesch the Theologian
C. A. Briggs and the Reformation: An Appeal to...of Higher Criticism William T. Chandler
Calvin and Sadoleto on Psalm 51 50 David L. Puckett
Calvin as an Experiential Preacher Joel R. Beeke
Can a Leopard Lose its Spots? Augustine and the Manichean Question Paul R. Eddy
Can Egalitarians and Complementarians Stay Toge...Canadian Case Study Stanley K. Fowler
Can Evangelicals Learn Anything from Don Cupitt...Christian Theology?
Can Joseph Smith Save Us From the Evils of Mode...n Mormon Apologetics Alan Myatt
Christian Scholarship in Chinese Universities...lars on Christianity Daryl McCarthy
Christianity and Buddhism: Significant Points o...ssional Implications Sung Wook Chung
Christs Victory Over Temptation and His Model for Christians John E. McKinley
Chronological Bible Teaching A Means to Teach the Truth
Circumcision Christ and Baptism: Another Look at Colossians 2:1112 Verlyn D. Verbrugge
Clarifying Arminian Depravity: Refining the Cla...Free Will Theologies W. Brian Shelton
Commitment and the Structure of Lukes Gospel
Competing Accounts of the Baptists Demise: Josephus versus the Gospels
Confessing the Truth in the Sixteenth Century: A Matter of Life or Death
Consider Yourself Warned - The Warning Passages...Arminian Perspective Grant R. Osbourne
Continuity and Discontinuity Between the Old and New Covenants Tiberius Rata
Correspondence Truth as Ontological Analysis of Truth
Could God Hold a False Belief? Open Theism and Essential Omniscience
Creation in Two Stages from Integrating 74 Crea...eneutical Principles
Creation Out of Nothing: A Biblical and Extrabiblical Exploration Paul Copan
Creation Out of Nothing: A Philosophical and Scientific Exploration William Lane Craig
Darwins Berlin Wall William A Dembski
David and Abraham: A Tale of Two Deaths Bryan Cribb
David Solomon and Israel Finkelstein Gary A. Byers
Defining Marks Christology: Interpreting Christ and Son of God Herbert W. Bateman
Digital Truth Using the Web for Teaching Old T...terature: Pentateuch
Dipln epangelian in AthanasiusChristology
Discipleship Dissonance: Toward a Theology of I...Pursuit of Holiness
Discipline in the Book of Proverbs: Maintaining the Truth
Discovering Biblical Equality
Discovering Biblical Equality
Discovering Biblical Equality Ronald W. Pierce
Discovering Biblical Equality Robert Saucy
Discovering Biblical Equality Question and Answer Ronald W. Pierce
Discussion on Dembskis Darwins Berlin Wall William A Dembski
Divine Uncertainty and Discovery: Anatomy of an Anthropomorphism
Do Statements about the Future Have Truth Value Millard Erickson