Dr. Robert Saucy

Dr. Robert  Saucy

Dr. Saucy's book, The Church in God's Program, is a standard ecclesiology text in colleges and seminaries nationwide. He is also the author of The Bible: Breathed from God; The Case for Progressive Dispensationalism; and Scripture: Its Authority, Power and Relevance. Dr. Saucy co-authored The Common Made Holy; Are Miraculous Gifts for Today?; and Women and Men in Ministry: A Complementary Perspective. His shorter works have appeared in many journals including Bibliotheca Sacra, Grace Theological Journal, and Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society. He has also contributed articles to the Expositor's Bible Commentary; Baker's Dictionary of Christian Ethics; Evangelical Dictionary of Theology; Hermeneutics, Inerrancy and the Bible; and many other books and reference works.

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The Role of Good Works in Biblical Salvation