Association of Classical Christian Schools - Austin TX (47 mp3s)

Organization: ACCS
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Association of Classical and Christian Schools 2008 Conference - "Recovering Truth, Goodness, and Beauty" - Contains all 48 recorded sessions recorded in Austin, TX (June 26-28, 2008), featuring plenary sessions with Ken Myers (Mars Hill Audio), George Grant, Douglas Wilson, and Matt Whitling.

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02 Douglas Wilson What is Classical Christian Education Douglas Wilson
03 ACCS Panel Protecting Truth Goodness Beauty
04 Nancy Boice Where is Truth Goodness and Beauty in Logic Nancy Boice
05 Denise Hollidge - Truth Goodness Beauty in Grammar School Methods Denise Hollidge
06 Melissa Martin - Larger Than Life Literature Grammar School Melissa Martin
07 Chris Schlect - Who are We - Settled and Uns...Classical Education Christopher Schlect
09 Charlene Workman - Shurley Grammar Fun and Much More Charlene Workman
10 Linda Janikowsky - Math Gods Invention Mans Discovery Linda Janikowsky
11 Atwood Trends with Graduates Roy Atwood
12 George Grant - Developing a Vision for Truth George Grant
13 Myers Wilson Whitling Grant Panel - Truth Go...y and Modern Culture Ken Myers
14 Tom Garfield - The Trivium Defined and Applied Tom Garfield
15 Ty Willis First Love Maturing Your School Ty Willis
16 Geoffrey Sahs - Discussion Based Teaching Geoffrey Sahs
17 Laura Tucker - Work of Beauty in Grammar School Curriculum Laura Tucker
18 George Grant - Theology of Wonder - Integrating the Humanities George Grant
19 Matt Whitling - Boys and Classical Education Matt Whitling
20 Patch Blakey - ACCS Accreditation Patch Blakey
21 Rob Williams - Storytelling in the Logic Phase Rob Williams
22 Nancy Lockett - A Place for Everything-Everything in Place Nancy Lockett
23 Douglas Wilson - Are We Attaining Truth Goodness and Beauty Douglas Wilson
24 Ralph Janikowsky - Creating Staff Unity Ralph Janikowsky
25 Tom Garfield - Administration from Sublime to Ridiculous Tom Garfield
26 N. D. Wilson - Story Telling and Rhetoric N D Wilson
27 Matt Whitling - Classroom Discipline Matt Whitling
28 Denise Hollidge - Chanting and Singing in Grammar School Denise Hollidge
29 Ken Myers - Living Wisely in a Media-Saturated Culture Ken Myers
30 Douglas Wilson - Defending Sayers Insight Douglas Wilson
31 Deb Gore - Senior Thesis as Capstone of a Classical Education Deb Gore
32 Karen Moore - Lateral Latin - Integrating Latin through Curriculum Karen Moore
34 Matt Whitling - Truth Goodness and Beauty in the Classroom Matt Whitling
35 ACCS Panel - Building Truth Goodness Beauty - Maturing in CCE
36 Michael Johnson - Academic Rigor without Burnout Michael Johnson
37 Rod Gilbert - Parent Education Rod Gilbert
38 Dell Cook - Tasting the Color 9 - Rhetoric Theology . . . Dell Cook
39 Karen Moore - Latin in Grammar School Karen Moore
40 Doreen Howell Susan Norwood - CP4 Testing Supporting Classical Ed Doreen Howell
42 Betsy Lipton - Theatre Arts in a the Small School Betsy Lipton
43 Ken Myers - Poetic Imagination and Wisdom Ken Myers
44 Matt Whitling - Grammar School Christian Worldview Matt Whitling
45 Christine Perrin - Art of Poetry - Why and How of Teaching Christine Perrin
46 Troy Wathen - Standardized Tests Friend or Foe Troy Wathen
47 Gene Liechty - School Marketing and Development - Working with Donors Gene Liechty
48 Matt Colvin - That Reminds Me of a Story Matt Colvin
49 Chris Schlect - Defending Truth Beautifully - Mock Trial Christopher Schlect
50 Ken Myers - With Choirs of Angels - Music and Trascendent Order Ken Myers
Christians and the Arts N D Wilson