2021 ETS Eastern Region Meeting

Papers and Presentations for the 2021 Eastern Region's meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. More information about this event.


Current Broadcast: Unmade Disciples

Date: 4/9/2021
Type: Lecture

Recent Broadcasts

Unmade Disciples Stephen McCormack Lecture4/9/2021
I, Tertius Who Write This: Reading Scripture without Modernity’s Eyes Gregg Strawbridge Lecture4/9/2021
The Persuasive Power of Paul's Preaching Kevin Koslowsky Lecture4/9/2021
The Biblical Quiver From Which Athanasius Drew His Arrow of Impassability Aimed At The Arians Timothy Decker Lecture4/9/2021
Two Kinds of Days in Scripture: Practical and Ceremonial Bruce Terry Lecture4/9/2021
About Western Christians’ Cultural Misreading of “Forgiveness from the Heart” Kyunga Song Lecture4/9/2021
When God Speaks by His Son (Hebrews 1:2) Mark A. Hassler Lecture4/9/2021
Identifying Thematic and Quotation Clusters in John’s Use of Isaiah: A Case Study in Methodology in the Use of the Old Testament in the New James Roh Lecture4/9/2021
Changing semantic domains and potential challenges to Bible Translation and Biblical Thinking–Illustrated by 'gossip’" Rodney Pearce Lecture4/9/2021
Seeing Discipleship, Mission, and Church and Their Intertwining Result through the Lens of the New Testament Authors Christopher J Jones Lecture4/9/2021
Calvin's Concept of Scripture Daniel Gilbert