Panel Discussion - Growing Up in the Ehrman Era: Retrospect & Prospect on Our Text-Critical Apologetic

Organization: ETS National
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A talk from the 69th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (Nov. 15-17, 2017). The theme for this year's conference: "The Heritage of the Reformation," points to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. In addition, some sessions will focus on a secondary theme of "religious liberty," reflecting on the significance of meeting in Providence, Rhode Island where Roger Williams, author of "The Bloody Tenent of Persecution," planted a free church in the 17th century to protest the idea of an official state church. The plenary speakers for this conference are: Gwenfair Adams (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) "Shock and Awe: The Reformers and the Stunning Joy of Romans 1-8," Timothy George (Beeson Divinity School) "Where Are the Nail Prints? The Devil and Dr. Luther," Scott Manetsch (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) "John Calvin's Doctrine of the Christian Life.

Daniel Wallace Dan is Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary (has taught there for more than 32 years) and Executive Director of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts. He earned a B.A. at Biola University (1975) with a major in biblical studies and minor in Greek; graduated magna cum laude from Dallas Seminary with a ThM degree (1979), with the equivalent... read more

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