Islam and Christianity (30 mp3s)

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A collection of presentations on the relationship between Islam and Christianity, featuring the content from sessions such as: Engaging the Ethics of Islam (4 mp3s) and Islam and the Trinity (5 mp3s).

John Warwick Montgomery John Warwick Montgomery (Ph.D., Chicago, D.Théol., Strasbourg, LL.D., Cardiff, Dr. [h.c.], Institute for Religion and Law, Moscow) is Emeritus Professor of Law and Humanities, University of Bedfordshire, England, Distinguished Research Professor of Apologetics and Christian Thought, Patrick Henry College, Virginia, U.S.A., and Director, International Academy... read more
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Items Included

A Common Word: Is It Adequate for MuslimChristian Cooperation?
Adam Omelianchuk - Why Would Anyone Want to Say...Worship the Same God Adam Omelianchuk
All the Scriptures: Identifying the Word of God (Lk 24:25ff) Stuart W. Bryan
An Examination of Islamic Religious Pluralism f...erspective of Seyyed Page Brooks
Answering Islamic State: A Modest Proposal John D. Laing
Ant Greenham The Ethics of Silence in Witness to Muslims Ant Greenham
Bock, Ibrahim,Cumming, Bryson, Smedley- Islam a...ious Freedom for All Darrell L Bock
Branding Islam for the 21st Century: Global Isl...a Western Audience? Barbara Pemberton
Canonicity in Islam and Evangelicalism James R. Mook
Christ in the Scripture of Islam: Remnantal Rev...redeemable Impostor? Matthew Bennett
Closing the Christological Chasm with Islam Mark Harlan
Contemporary Muslim Apologetics and the Resurrection of Christ Gary Habermas
Culture Community and the Gospel: Theological...Outreach to Muslims
Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?...tional to the Answer Steven Tsoukalas
Exploring Border Tensions Between Theology and...slimMajority Peoples
GB1811 WhatLearnFromMuslims Greg L. Bahnsen
Gender Issues and Their Implications for Curren...mChristian Relations Evelyne Reisacher
Harold Netland - On Worshiping the Same God - What Exactly Are the Issues Harold Netland
Imad Shehadeh - The Character and Identity of G...trine of the Trinity Imad Shehadeh
IView - ISIS, Islam, and Iran - (Interview wit...sionary to Iranians) Anonymous Missionary
Jennifer Bryson IntraFaith EngagementLessons fr...ntering AntiSemitism
Jesus in Islam's Scripture: The Quranic Son of...Heresy and Orthodoxy Ayman Ibrahim
Jim Beilby - Is 'Do Muslims Worship the Same Go...' the Right Question Jim Beilby
John of Damascus: First Apologist to the Muslims Daniel Janosik
John Warwick Montgomery - A Non-Politically-Cor...errorist Immigration John Warwick Montgomery
Justin Grace - If Christians and Muslims Refer...od' is a Proper Name Justin Grace
Mark Coppenger God is Agape and Allah is Not T...Difference It Makes Mark Coppenger
Misso Integral Applied: Brazilian Evangelical M...the ArabMuslim World Edward L. Smither
Muslim and Christian Veneration at the in Late Antiquity Robert W. Smith
Wonjoo Hwang Does the NT Quotation of Non-Canon...n Witness to Muslims Wonjoo Hwang