Olive Shoots Around the Table

Olive Shoots Around the Table
Part 33 of a 58 part series.
Organization: Veritas Press
Price: $4.00
About this Conference: This online conference includes 58 (mp3s) entitled, "The Impact of Classical Christian Education," the Veritas Press 2008 Online Teacher Training Conference held August 6-8, 2008, featuring speakers such as Joel Belz, Marlin Detweiler, R.C. Sproul, Jr., Ty Fischer, Andrew Pudewa, Jay Wile, Chris Perrin, Brian Godawa, Douglas Wilson, and more.
The Andreades have been long-time customers of Veritas Press. They were recently featured in WORLD magazine for their homeschooling efforts in New York City. Sam, a Yale graduate, has led a varied and exciting life. He pastors Village Church in Greenwich Village. Mary K., also a Yale graduate, is a highly talented artist currently focused on homeschooling their four very talented children.