Reformation and Conflict Within the Church

Topic: Auburn Avenue
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From the Sixth Annual Auburn Avenue Pastors Conference was held January 5-7, 2004. The topic was our responsibility to seek and preserve the unity of the Church, "Reformed Catholicity." What is the role of the Reformed in this age of moral and theological disarray in the Church of the Lord Jesus? What should be our goals? How can be become less "sectarian" and have a more "Catholic" (not Roman Catholic, mind) spirit? Speakers: Rev. John Frame of Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando; Dr. John Armstrong, Director of Reformation & Revival Ministries; Pastor Douglas Wilson of Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho; Pastors Rich Lusk and Steve Wilkins of Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church.
Douglas Wilson Douglas Wilson is the author of Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning and The Case for Classical Christian Education. He is the pastor of Christ Church, Moscow, ID and a founding member of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools.

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