Oral Tradition in the Local Church

Oral Tradition in the Local Church
Speaker: Dr. Roy Atwood
Organization: Canon Press
Price: $2.00
From "Poetic Ministry" - Credenda/Agenda Ministerial Conference 1999. Speakers: D. Wilson, P. Leithart, R. Atwood, D. Jones. One of the most thought provoking conferences available on, this conference explains the centrality of poetic wisdom in pastoral life and ministry with reflections upon imagination, hellenism, metaphor, morality, and typology.
Roy Atwood Dr. Atwood has served as the President of New Saint Andrews College and a Senior Fellow of Humanities. He received a B.A. in Philosophy from Dordt College (Iowa), a Master of Arts in Religion from Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, and a Ph.D. in Mass Communication from the University of Iowa. He is a former editor of The Journal of Communication Inquiry, the founding book review editor... read more

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