Canon Press Christ Church 1999 Ministerial Conference - Poetic Knowledge

Organization: Canon Press
Price: $30.00

One of the most interesting conferences addressing postmodern themes. Christ Church Ministerial Conference 1999 - Poetic Knowledge featuring Douglas Wilson, Doug Jones, Chris Schlect, Roy Atwood, Ben Merkle, Peter Leithart, and others. Each individual item may be purchased as an mp3.

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Items Included

Centrality of Imagination Doug Jones
Duty of Likemindedness Douglas Wilson
Fruitful Labor Douglas Wilson
History of Hellenism Douglas Wilson
Many Things in Parables-Poetry and Preaching Peter J. Leithart
Oral Tradition in the Local Church Roy Atwood
Other Traditions of Poetic Knowledge Doug Jones
Preparing the Mind Douglas Wilson
The Beauty of Holiness Peter J. Leithart
The Great Code - The Bible's Poetic Worldview Peter J. Leithart
World of Metaphor Doug Jones