14 Living in Unity and Harmony RB

Part 15 of a 17 part series.
Topic: Bible Psalms
Organization: Biblical Horizons
Price: $3.00

From the 1998 Biblical Horizons Conference on the Psalter. 16 mp3s with notes, including James B. Jordan, The Organization, Structure, and Narrative Flow of the Psalter; The Covenant-Historical Context of the Psalter; An Analysis of Psalm 1-2, Considered
as One Psalm Introducing the Entire Book of Psalms (7 lectures), Jeffrey J. Meyers, The Imprecatory Psalms (3 lectures), Richard Bledsoe, Mourning and Glory (3 lectures), Burke Shade, How to Use the Psalms in Your Prayer Life (1 lecture), Otto Scott, The Importance of Remembering History (1 long lecture), James B. Jordan: Translation and Analysis of the Third Book of the Psalter.

Richard Bledsoe Richard Bledsoe ministers in Boulder, CO and has been a frequent speaker at the Biblical Horizons Conference in Niceville, FL.

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