01 Covenant and Civil Law--Common Law Foundations

Speaker: Dr. Herb Titus
Topic: Civil Law
Organization: Basileians
Price: $3.00 FREE

Herbert Titus led the law school at Regent University for many years. This message is part of a series from the Basileian lectures (1988-1997), an organization which brought great speakers to Wilmington, DE to address kingdom themes from the Reformed and Reconstructionist viewpoint.

Herb Titus Herb Titus holds the J.D. degree (cum laude) from Harvard. After graduation, he was initially active in a number of left-wing causes, including opposition to the war in Vietnam and in support of abortion and homosexual rights. As a cooperating attorney with the ACLU, Herb was engaged in a number of constitutional cases, including an effort to remove a cross... read more

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