Dr. Herb Titus

Dr. Herb  Titus Herb Titus holds the J.D. degree (cum laude) from Harvard. After graduation, he was initially active in a number of left-wing causes, including opposition to the war in Vietnam and in support of abortion and homosexual rights. As a cooperating attorney with the ACLU, Herb was engaged in a number of constitutional cases, including an effort to remove a cross from a hill in Eugene, Oregon. In 1975 Herb and his wife, Marilyn, were dramatically converted to Christ in a Sunday School class after which he spent a year of study under Dr. Francis Schaeffer.

Mr. Titus has taught constitutional law, common law, and other subjects for nearly thirty years at five different law schools. Recently, he served as a Deputy Attorney General on the defense team for Alabama Chief Justice Roy S. Moore in the law suit brought by the ACLU and the Americans United for Separation of Church and State to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the State Judicial Building in Montgomery, Alabama. Mr. Titus and his wife, Marilyn, reside in Chesapeake, Virginia. They have four children and twelve grandchildren.

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