01 The Book of Joshua 01 - An Introduction

Type: Lecture
Topic: Bible Joshua
Organization: Biblical Horizons
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From the Biblical Horizons 2015 Conference - In this first lecture, James B. Jordan offers an introduction to the Book of Joshua focusing on the origin of Joshua's name and its relationship to other biblical figures. He shows the creational pattern in Joshua (how Joshua is structured after the seven days of creation), the chiasm of the hexateuch (From Abraham to Joshua), and the chiastic structure of the book of Joshua.

James B. Jordan James B. Jordan is the Director of Biblical Horizons ministries, a theological think tank that publishes books, monographs, essays and taped lectures focused on Bible commentary, Biblical theology and liturgical theology. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia in comparative literature. During four years in the United States Air force,... read more

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