Biblical Horizons 2015 Conference - Joshua and Revelation (18 mp3s)

Organization: Biblical Horizons
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The 24th Annual Biblical Horizons/Theopolis 2015 Conference held July 20-25, 2015 including  18 mp3s available - These include talks from Peter J. Leithart on Revelation, James B. Jordan (4 talks) on Joshua, Jeff Meyers (3 talks) on Wealth in Luke and Acts, Rich Bledsoe (2 talks) on Psychotherapy and Drugs, and Uri Brito (1 talk) on Christian Counseling from Jay Adams to David Powlison, and some psalmody/services and interviews. The next best thing to being there!

Held at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Valparaiso, FL.

Jeffrey J. Meyers Jeffrey Meyers is pastor of Providence Reformed Church in St. Louis. He is the husband of one, and father of four, and author of The Lord's Service (Canon Press). Visit Providence Reformed online at .
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Items Included

01 The Book of Joshua 01 - An Introduction James B. Jordan
02 Wealth in Luke and Acts Jeffrey J. Meyers
03 Revelation 01 - End of the End-Orientation to Revelation Peter J. Leithart
04 The Book of Joshua 02 - Joshua Robust James B. Jordan
05 Psychotherapy and Drugs 01 Richard Bledsoe
06 Wealth in Luke and Acts 02 Jeffrey J. Meyers
07 Revelation 02 End of the End-Harlot, Beast, Bride Peter J. Leithart
08 The Book of Joshua 03 - Joshua Terminator James B. Jordan
09 The Biblical Counseling Movement from Jay Adams to Ed Welch Uriesou T. Brito
10 Psychotherapy and Drugs 02 Richard Bledsoe
11 Wealth in Luke and Acts 03 Jeffrey J. Meyers
12 Revelation 03 Chapters 17-19 Peter J. Leithart
13 The Book of Joshua 04 - The Stones James B. Jordan
14 Vespers Service (Wednesday) James B. Jordan
15 Revelation 04 - Revelation 19 - On a White Horse Peter J. Leithart
16 Revelation 05 - Revelation 20 - The Millennium Peter J. Leithart
17 Vespers Worship Service (with homily by James B. Jordan) James B. Jordan
IView - Scripture's Meaning and the Value of Bi...& Gregg Strawbridge) Gregg Strawbridge