ETS 2021 recordings will be available online and/or shipped no later than December 1, 2021.   Recordings can be purchased as a complete set, or as individual talks.  They are also available on USB or to stream/download in digital form.

ETS Complete Collection (2004-2021)

Digital library of audio recordings, 10,000 mp3s, stream or download.

Complete ETS Collection (2004-2021) on USB

Complete ETS collection delivered on 128 GB USB.  Includes conference program and spreadsheet file of conference information.  

ETS 2021 Collection

Digital recordings of 2021 conference, 670+ mp3s, stream or download.

20 One-Click Credits

One-Click Credits make it very easy to get mp3s a la carte.  Once you place the order, it only takes “one click” to stream/download an mp3. Regular price of most ETS individual talks are $4.