This edition of the Frontpage features music and talks about weddings and marriage (and there's more on marriage here) - after the wedding of Taylor Thompson and Jenna Strawbridge (who can be heard singing here & here), Also don't forget to check out what's ON SALE.

Times (song)
This song was written by Juli Strawbridge for the wedding reception of Jenna (Strawbridge) and Taylor Thompson (6/24/2017). All the other Strawbridge House members contributed to the instruments...
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Juli Strawbridge
iView Podcast with Juli Strawbridge on songwriting. This discussion is about her song, "This is the Day."
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Gregg Strawbridge
Here's a blast from the past! This song was written by Gregg Strawbridge for a friend's wedding in 1987 and then performed in the wedding ceremony of Gregg and Sharon Strawbridge (6/41988)....
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Strawbridge House Music - Roadside Hymns (music)
Strawbridge House musical group recordings . . . photos from the Strawbridge Shrine, commemorating Robert Allen Strawbridge, the first Methodist Minister in America.
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Stuart W. Bryan
Just as the titles of "church" and "Jerusalem" have their origin in the Old Testament and then reach their fulfillment in the New, so it is with the imagery of the bride. The...
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Myrto Theocharous
Over 740 Mp3s! This is a Downloadable Set of All Captured Recordings from the 67th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, held Wednesday through Friday, November 17-19, 2015...
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Everett L. Worthington.
This is one of the most important talks ever on the subject of forgiveness from a man who has reseached more on the effectiveness and process of forgiveness than almost any psychologist in the country....
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Douglas M. Beaumont - Christian Businesspeople, Gay Weddings, and the Ethics of Cooperation in Wrongdoing
A recorded session from the 67th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society with the theme, Marriage and the Family - November 17-19, 2015, in Atlanta, GA.
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Peter J. Leithart
This talk is from The Theopolis Leviticus Lectures (2015) - Leviticus is one of the keys to the Bible, but is a closed book to many Christians. In these lectures, Peter Leithart shows how Leviticus...
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James B. Jordan
This study of Samson in the book of Judges is very insightful by Jame B. Jordan, it includes 5 mp3s and notes (Word doc).
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Gregg Strawbridge
The Word Manifest in St. John’s Gospel (04) - New Creation Wine John 2:1–11 - “On the third day there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee . . . And...
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Ken Myers
The Complete Audio recordings of the Veritas Academy Fine Arts Symposium (March 19-20, 2010). This collection includes 14 mp3s of all the sessions. 1 Ken Myers: Sustaining a Fine...
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