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Gregg Strawbridge
This talk is from a conference held at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (Southern Baptist) (4/27/2015) on the topic of Infants and Children in the Church, featuring Five...
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Matt Whitling
A message from the Association of Classical and Christians Schools Conference 2000
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Samuel Blumenfeld
If you have any concerns or interests in education, you MUST listen to Dr. Blumenfeld. He has a rich autobiographical story, but even more, he has done the research on education. From the Basileian...
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James B. Jordan - Education Through New Eyes
This conference featured James B. Jordan addressing issues related to education in 5 sessions, including a dialog with Dr. Gregg Strawbridge on the strengths and weaknesses of the Classical Christian...
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Joost Nixon
From various Biblical passages...
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Robert Rayburn Jr.
From the Debate: Should Baptized Little Children be Included at the Table? All the mp3s from a two-hour public debate before 600 people at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Spring,...
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Voddie Baucham
About the conference: Veritas Press 2008 Teacher Training Conference - Family-Driven Education Conference - featuring Dr. Voddie Baucham, Marlin & Laurie Detweiler and others. This item includes...
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Gary North
From the Basileian lectures (1988-1997), an organization which brought great speakers to Wilmington, DE to address kingdom themes from the Reformed and Reconstructionist viewpoint.
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Sye Ten Bruggencate
In interview with apologist and evangelist, Sye Ten Bruggencate. Sye is featured in the documentary, "How to Answer the Fool: a Presuppositional Defense of the Faith." Gary DeMar writes...
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