The Psalms edition of the Frontpage of features talks on the Psalms from well known Old Testament scholars. These are excellent resources for teachers, homeschoolers, pastors,and seminarians. Also check out what's ON SALE!

Ken Boa
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Peter J. Leithart
Course Description - Revelation is a difficult and complicated book, and has long been controversial in the church. Topics of discussion will include the book’s dating, its liturgical implications,...
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Jeffrey J. Meyers
1998 Biblical Horizons Conference on the Psalter. 16 mp3s with notes, including James B. Jordan, The Organization, Structure, and Narrative Flow of the Psalter; The Covenant-Historical Context of...
$45.00 $14.97 Jeffrey J. Meyers
ETS 2015 - The Book of Job (4 mp3s)
A collection from the 2015 Evangelical Theological Society in the section, Old Testament, addressing the book of Job. Moderator: Ronald W. Pierce (Talbot School of Theology) William...
$16.00 William C. PohlIV
James B. Jordan
An exposition through the book of Exodus by insightful interpreter, James B. Jordan. This set of lectures also includes 43 pages of notes in Word document format.
$150.00 $9.97 James B. Jordan
ETS 2013 Letter to the Hebrews (4 mp3s)
Sessions from the 65th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society - "Evangelicalism, Inerrancy, and ETS," Baltimore, MD November 19–21, 2013 . LETTER...
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Gregg Strawbridge
Gregg Strawbridge provides a thorough study through the book of Daniel from a Reformed point of view and debunk the dispensational reading of the book in detail. Important topics addressed along...
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Ken Boa
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