This front page features new interviews, a Theology of Marriage Conference from Denver Seminary, and PRE-PUBLICATION OFFERS of the upcoming Evangelical Theological Society meeting (Nov. 20-22, 2019 in San Diego). The theme is "Christ in All Scripture." Look what's ON SALE!

A Necessary Conversation: A Theology of Marriage (5 mp3s)
From the Conference: A Necessary Conversation: A Theology of Marriage Denver Seminary Friday, October...
$25.00 $9.97
Gregory K. Beale
PRE-PUBLICATION OFFER (prices will change) - The complete recordings of ETS 2019 on a USB drive (we expect over 700 mp3s): The complete 71st Annual Meeting of the...
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Stephen J. Wellum
PRE-PUBLICATION OFFER - The complete recordings of ETS 2019 (downloadable). We expect over 700 mp3s. The complete 71st Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological...
$500.00 $169.00 Stephen J. Wellum
Michael S. Horton
The complete recordings of the 70th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society on the theme of the Holy Spirit, November 13-15, 2018, Denver CO. The...
$500.00 $49.97 Michael S. Horton
Mark Draper
A spontaneous and fascinating conversation with Mark Draper (Ph.D. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; professor at Lancaster Bible College) addressing the bizzare religious phenomena of upstate...
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ETS Monthly Subscription (2004-2019) (8900 mp3s!)
All the ETS national and some regional conferences. Learn from the greatest biblical and theological minds of our day - Michael Horton, NT Wright, Wayne Grudem, Darrell Bock, Myrto Theocarus, John...
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Gregg Strawbridge
Now there came to Him some of the Sadducees (who say that there is no resurrection), 28 and they questioned Him, saying, “Teacher, Moses wrote for us that IF A MAN’S BROTHER DIES, having...
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He Must Reign: Why Jesus Wins
From the St Peter Presbyterian Reformation Festival (10/24-27/2019). See the PDF Outline for slides.
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Complete Digital Library of ETS presentations (2004-2019) (over 8900 mp3s downloadable)
ETS COMPLETE DIGITAL LIBRARY Completely updated with each year's conference program, plenary sessions noted, and sessions named as the file name, with searchable...
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