New Kindle Book, published by Kuyperian Press: You and Your Household... Gregg Strawbridge

Michael Bull
A Gregg Strawbridge iView Interview with Michael Bull on his defense of Believer's Baptism from "all of the Bible." This is not a "new testament only" defense of the Baptist...
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Toby Sumpter
Toby Sumpter spoke at the 2015 Augustine Presbytery (CREC) Retreat on Four Aspects of Ministry: Liturgics, Evangelism, Mercy Ministry, and Preaching: White is for Warriors: A Brief Theology...
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Joost Nixon
Knowing your identity from the Word of God.
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R. C. Sproul Jr.
About this series; Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr. - several great series - Signs and Seals, Household Stewards, Almighty Overall, The Victory of the Gospel, Biblical View of the Family, Goodness and Beauty.
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James White
Higher resolution version in 2 parts here (128k). Does the Bible teach Infant Baptism? This was the subject of the debate between Dr....
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Gregg Strawbridge
The Infant Baptism Debate (128k). Does the Bible teach Infant Baptism or Believer (only) Baptism - A debate between Dr. Gregg Strawbridge and Dr. James White in Orlando (March 23, 2015). Many of...
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The Case for Covenant Communion (PDF book), Gregg Strawbridge, ed.
This soft cover book is out of print: The Case for Covenant Communion (book), Gregg Strawbridge, ed. (Athanasius Press). This item is the final PDF version (electronic) including the lost chapter...
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Toby Sumpter
From the 2015 Spring Augustine Presbytery (CREC) Retreat: White is for Warriors: A Brief Theology of Liturgy & Vestments Whether or not you preach in a white robe,...
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You and Your Household: The Biblical Case for Infant Baptism (2015)
Why should you have this book? George Grant says, "The genius of this book is that it does not merely present a Scriptural vision for a covenantal and baptismal theology but that it presents...
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ETSe 2015 Eastern Region Conference Featuring David Fitch
The recorded sessions of the 2015 Eastern Region meeting of ETS, “Is There an Evangelical Ecclesiology? The Church and Mission in North America” (March 6-7, 2015) featuring Dr. David Fitch, B. R. Lindner...
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