The theme of this Front Page is the "covenant" and covenantal views of the Christian faith. Check out many SALE items for more specials.

A Covenantal View of the Christian Faith (4 mp3s)
From the Akron, OH Conference on Covenant Theology held at Westminster Community Presbyterian Church: A Covenantal View of the Christian Faith
FREE Gregg Strawbridge
Palmer Robertson
O. Palmer Robertson is one of the great conservative Old Testament scholars of our time and an expert on covenant theology. His book, The Christ of the Covenants, has been widely used to steer people...
$2.00 $0.97 Palmer Robertson
Matt Whitling
A message from the Association of Classical and Christians Schools Conference 2000
FREE Matt Whitling
Douglas Wilson
A message from the Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church Pastors Conference 2002
$2.00 $0.97 Douglas Wilson
Ralph Smith
This is a helpful talk by Ralph A. Smith (M.Div. Grace Theological Seminary), pastor of Mitaka Evangelical Church in Tokyo, Japan. Rev. Smith has been a notable thinker in Van Tilllian theology and...
$3.00 FREE Ralph Smith
Michael F. Bird
A talk from the 2010 ETS National Meeting on Justification - Listen to NT Wright who made copious intelligent points relating to his thesis which stood at marked contrast to his other panelists,...
$4.00 FREE Michael F. Bird
Steve Wilkins
A message from the Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church Pastors Conference 2002
$2.00 FREE Steve Wilkins
Gregg Strawbridge
In this exposition through the book of Romans, Gregg Strawbridge provides an updated and exegetically robust translation of Romans, draws on some insights from the New Perspective on Paul, and concludes...
$30.00 FREE Gregg Strawbridge
Jason Farley
FREE Jason Farley
Jeff Niell
Is the New Covenant of Jeremiah 31:31-34 a radical change? Is everyone in the new covenant regenerate since "all will know Me from the least to the greatest"? These lectures will illuminate...
$8.00 $1.97 Jeff Niell
N. T. Wright
N.T. Wright is a controversial figure: too conservative for liberals and too liberal for conservatives. Like his fellow Englishman, C.S. Lewis a generation before, Tom Wright is a popular voice for...
$20.00 $9.97 N. T. Wright
Ray R Sutton
From the Basileian lectures (1988-1997), an organization which brought great speakers to Wilmington, DE to address kingdom themes from the Reformed and Reconstructionist viewpoint.
$2.00 FREE Ray R Sutton