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Greg L. Bahnsen
This set includes 2 Mp3s and one PDF (transcript) - Remastered audio from the original recordings (2007) -The audio is much clearer of this truly classic formal debate at USC, Irvine campus featuring...
$7.00 $0.97 Greg L. Bahnsen
R.C. Sproul, Sr.
This is a classic debate between two world-class Reformed apologists in their prime. This debate featured Dr. R.C. Sproul (Classical Apologist) and Dr. Greg Bahnsen (Presuppositionalist). If a person...
$4.00 FREE R.C. Sproul, Sr.
Debate on Noahs Ark: Affirming Cudi Dagh in Turkey
A talk from ETS 2007 - This important conference addressed the Great Commission and many other related missions themes, as well as issues such as biblical worship, epistemology, and much more. This...
$4.00 FREE Bill Crouse
Infant Baptism Debate - Strawbridge v White
Higher resolution version in 2 parts here (128k). Does the Bible teach Infant Baptism? This was the subject of the debate between Dr....
$10.00 FREE James White
N. T. Wright
A book summary from Books at a Glance. The collection includes 64 summaries of books from authors such as Tim Keller, John Frame, Simon Cathercole, Wayne Grudem, D.A. Carson, Alvin Plantiga, Tom...
$4.97 FREE N. T. Wright
Michael F. Bird
A talk from the 2010 ETS National Meeting on Justification - The theme was Justification and the discussion of the plenary sessions addressed the New Perspective on Paul and specifically some of...
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Tim Gallant
Rev. Steve Schlissel and Tim Gallant provide a vigorous debate, touching on all the central areas from a strong covenantal point of view. Gallant defends paedocommunion and Schlissel argues for communion...
FREE Tim Gallant
Greg L. Bahnsen
Protestant-Roman Catholic Debate -This radio debate featured Dr Greg Bahnsen (Protestant) vs Dr. Jerry Matatics and Fr. Manning (Roman Catholic). Covers all the core issues.
$2.00 FREE Greg L. Bahnsen
Greg L. Bahnsen
Bahnsen vs Tabash Debate, with Greg Bahnsen and Edward Tabash, on "Does God Exist?" truly a classic formal debate at USC, Davis campus pt 1
$2.00 Greg L. Bahnsen