Christ Church, Spokane

Christ Church, Spokane - A Reformed and Evangelical Church meeting in central Spokane.


Current Broadcast: A Heart to Know Your God (06): God is Infinite

Date: 2/17/2019
Type: Sunday Sermon

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Imitators of the Father Kenton Spratt Sermon9/5/2018
God's Heart for the lost: Lessons from the Elder Son Andre Fowlkes Sermon8/19/2018
The Prodigal Son Andre Fowlkes Sermon8/12/2018
God's Heart for the Lost: Defined Andre Fowlkes Sermon7/29/2018
Deuteronomy (58) Our God; His People Kenton Spratt Sermon7/22/2018
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God's Memory Kenton Spratt Sermon7/8/2018
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Legalism Sasha Pavliuk Sermon6/24/2018
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Marriage Matters (4): Headship-Submission Kenton Spratt Sermon5/27/2018
Marriage Matters (3): Male-Female Kenton Spratt Sermon5/20/2018
Marriage Matters (2): Two-Wills Kenton Spratt Sermon5/13/2018
Marriage Matters (1): Single-Minded Kenton Spratt Sermon5/6/2018
Pursue Love (23): Love and Cursing Kenton Spratt Sermon4/29/2018
Pursue Love (22): Making Plans Kenton Spratt Sermon4/22/2018
Pursue Love (21): Your Labor is Not in Vain Kenton Spratt Sermon4/15/2018
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God's Story Structure (2) Resurrection Kenton Spratt  3/18/2018
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Pursue Love (15): Death is Not a Medical Problem Kenton Spratt Sermon2/25/2018
Pursue Love (14): God's End Times Order Andre Fowlkes Sermon2/18/2018
Pursue Love (13): Only Two Possibilities Kenton Spratt Sermon2/11/2018
Pursue Love (12): Husbands, Wives, and the Church Kenton Spratt Sermon2/4/2018
I Cor. 14 Kenton Spratt Sermon1/28/2018
I Cor. 14: 1-2, 18- 22 Kenton Spratt Sermon1/21/2018
Ps. 46 Andre Fowlkes Sermon1/14/2018
I Thess. 3:12-13 Kenton Spratt Sermon1/7/2018
Our Christmas Story (3): Patience in Practice Kenton Spratt Sermon12/31/2017
Our Christmas Story (2): Patience in Practice Kenton Spratt Sermon12/24/2017
Our Christmas Story (1): Patience in Practice Kenton Spratt Sermon12/17/2017
Advent: A Season of Focusing on Christ Andre Fowlkes  12/10/2017
Pursue Love (10): Love Never Fails Kenton Spratt  12/3/2017
Loves Chraracter Pt3 Kenton Spratt  11/26/2017
Defending Our Great Hope in God Andre Fowlkes Sermon11/19/2017
Pursue Love (8): Love's Character Kenton Spratt Sermon11/12/2017
Pursue Love (7): Love's Character Kenton Spratt Sermon11/5/2017
Focus on Leadership (2) - The Plan Kenton Spratt Lecture11/4/2017
Focus on Leadership (1) - The Principle Kenton Spratt Lecture11/4/2017
Pursue Love (6): Love's Value Kenton Spratt  10/29/2017
Gifts from God Kenton Spratt Sermon10/22/2017
Love Kenton Spratt Sermon10/15/2017
Don't Worry Jack Bradley Sermon10/8/2017
Love and orderliness Kenton Spratt Sermon10/1/2017
Pursue Love (2): Male, Female, & Cultural Symbols Kenton Spratt Sermon9/24/2017
Pursue Love (1): Do All to the Glory of God Kenton Spratt  9/17/2017
Disgraced Prophet, Converted Pagan Andre Fowlkes Sermon9/10/2017
Conspiracism or Christ (Part 2) Kenton Spratt Sermon9/3/2017
Conspiracism or Christ? (Part 1) Kenton Spratt Sermon8/20/2017
Punishment, Why? How? How Much? Kenton Spratt Sermon8/13/2017
Dealing with bitterness Andre Fowlkes Sermon8/6/2017
Forgiveness and the Christian, pt 2 Andre Fowlkes Sermon7/30/2017
Forgiveness and the Christian, pt 1 Andre Fowlkes Sermon7/23/2017
Final Words (2): Coming to Grips with the Messiness of the Church Kenton Spratt Sermon7/16/2017
Final Words (1): Coming to Grips with the Messiness of the Church Kenton Spratt Sermon7/9/2017
Work Matters (Part 10): The Lord of the Sabbath Kenton Spratt  7/2/2017
Work Matters (Part 9): Grasping the Wind Kenton Spratt Sermon6/25/2017
Work Matters (Part 8): Children's Work Kenton Spratt Sermon6/18/2017
Work Matters (Part 7): Men's Work - Women's Work Kenton Spratt Sermon6/11/2017
Work Matters (Part 6): Greediness, Mangling Work Kenton Spratt Sermon6/4/2017
Work Matters (Part 5) Craziness, Idolizing Work Kenton Spratt Sermon5/28/2017
Work Matters (Part 4) Laziness, Fleeing Work Kenton Spratt Sermon5/21/2017
Work Matters (Part 3): The God Who Calls Us to Our Work Kenton Spratt Sermon5/14/2017
Work Matters (Part 2): The God of the Freed Slaves Kenton Spratt Sermon5/7/2017
Work Matters (Part1): The God of the Other Six Days Kenton Spratt Sermon4/30/2017
A Wife, Wells, Water, Promise of God Andre Fowlkes Sermon4/23/2017
Hope Refocused Kenton Spratt Sermon4/16/2017
Remember Miriam Kenton Spratt Sermon4/9/2017
Freeedom Stolen/ Restored Kenton Spratt Sermon4/2/2017
Marriage & Divorce Kenton Spratt Sermon3/26/2017
Private Property Kenton Spratt Sermon3/19/2017