Christ Church, Spokane

Christ Church, Spokane - A Reformed and Evangelical Church meeting in central Spokane.


Current Broadcast: Money Matters

Date: 2/26/2017
Type: Sunday Sermon

Recent Broadcasts

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Inspecting Our Foundations Part 5 - Our Mother Church Kenton Spratt Sermon10/16/2016
Inspecting Our Foundations Part 4 - God Established Enmity Kenton Spratt Sermon10/9/2016
Inspecting Our Foundations Part 3 - God Keeps Covenant Kenton Spratt Sermon10/2/2016
Inspecting Our Foundations Part 2 - God Saves Sinners Kenton Spratt Sermon9/25/2016
Inspecting Our Foundations Part 1 - God is God Kenton Spratt Sermon9/18/2016
Five BEs' of Christian Relationships Andre Fowlkes Sermon9/11/2016
5 Laws and the Gospel Kenton Spratt Sermon9/4/2016
War Directives Kenton Spratt Sermon8/28/2016
Murder in the First Degree Kenton Spratt Sermon8/14/2016
Whose Word do you Honor? Kenton Spratt  8/7/2016
A Different Kind of King Kenton Spratt  7/31/2016
Justice on Earth Kenton Spratt  7/24/2016
Christ's Calender Kenton Spratt  7/10/2016
The Sabbath Mind Kenton Spratt  7/3/2016
For You are a Holy People Kenton Spratt Sermon6/12/2016
Tolerance vs. Obedience Kenton Spratt Sermon6/5/2016
God's surprising sources and subjects of Grace Andre Fowlkes Sermon5/29/2016
Charge to new Pastor Joost Nixon  5/22/2016
Vision (Part 5) - See God's Glory Displayed Through Christ's Community Kenton Spratt  5/15/2016
Vision (Part 4) - See God's Glory displayed in Christ Kenton Spratt  5/8/2016
Vision (Part 3) - See God's Glory Kenton Spratt  5/1/2016
Vision (Part 2) - See God Kenton Spratt  4/24/2016
Vision (Part 1) - God's Vision and Ours Kenton Spratt  4/17/2016
Members of the Body Joost Nixon  4/10/2016
For the Blood is the Life Kenton Spratt  4/3/2016
Jehoshaphat's Battle Preparedness plan Andre Fowlkes  3/20/2016
The Place God Chooses to put His Name Kenton Spratt  3/13/2016
Retractions, Part 1 Joost Nixon  3/6/2016
Blessings and Cursings, view from the Ground Kenton Spratt  2/28/2016
The Shepard and the Sheep Joost Nixon  2/21/2016
Church membership Joost Nixon  2/14/2016
Blessings, Cursings, and Christ Kenton Spratt  2/7/2016
Table of the Lord Joost Nixon  1/31/2016
Zacchaeus: A picture of God's Work in Salvation Andre Fowlkes  1/24/2016
God Centered Living Kenton Spratt  1/17/2016
The Victorious King Stuart W. Bryan  1/10/2016
God's Grace Dispossessing the Nations pt3 Kenton Spratt  1/3/2016
Merry Christmas Joost Nixon  12/27/2015
God's Grace Dispossessing the Nations pt2 Kenton Spratt  12/20/2015
Overcoming Temptation  12/13/2015
God's Grace Dispossessing the Nations pt1 Kenton Spratt  12/6/2015
Covenant Presumption Joost Nixon  11/29/2015
A Post Mortem on Wilderness Grumbling Joost Nixon  11/22/2015
Not by Bread Alone Kenton Spratt  11/15/2015
A Canaanite Christmas Kenton Spratt  11/8/2015
Run to Win Joost Nixon  11/1/2015
The Glory of His Story Kenton Spratt  10/25/2015
Testing God Kenton Spratt  10/18/2015
All Things to All Men Joost Nixon  10/11/2015
Lay Down Your Rights Joost Nixon  10/4/2015
God's Abundant Mercy Andre Fowlkes  9/27/2015
The Protestant Work Ethic Kenton Spratt  9/20/2015
Smokane Joost Nixon  9/13/2015
Love and Liberty Joost Nixon  9/6/2015
Love's Choice Kenton Spratt  8/30/2015
Overcoming evil Joost Nixon  8/16/2015
#LoveWins Kenton Spratt  8/9/2015
Love of Christ Joost Nixon  8/2/2015
I Will make all things new Joost Nixon  7/26/2015
A Living Hope Joost Nixon  7/19/2015
Christians and Persecution; do's and do nots Andre Fowlkes  7/12/2015
The Rainbow Correction Kenton Spratt  7/5/2015
The Greatest Commandment pt2 Kenton Spratt  6/28/2015
The Greatest Commandment Kenton Spratt  6/21/2015
Content of the Ten Words Kenton Spratt  6/14/2015
Context of the Ten Words Kenton Spratt  6/7/2015
Advice on Marriage Joost Nixon  5/31/2015
Stay Put Joost Nixon  5/24/2015
Marriage pt2 Joost Nixon  5/17/2015
Marriage Discussion Joost Nixon  5/10/2015
Flee Immorality Joost Nixon  5/3/2015
Litigation and the Christian Joost Nixon  4/26/2015
The Believer and the Nominal Christian Joost Nixon  4/19/2015
Lessons from an overgrown vineyard Joost Nixon  4/12/2015
The Power of His Resurrection Kenton Spratt  4/5/2015
Jesus our Refuge Kenton Spratt  3/29/2015
Three Essential Attitudes in Worship Andre Fowlkes  3/22/2015
There is no other Kenton Spratt  3/15/2015
A Merciful God Kenton Spratt  3/8/2015
Moses' Farewell Kenton Spratt  3/1/2015
Glory of God's Law Kenton Spratt  2/22/2015
Let me cross over Kenton Spratt  2/15/2015