Christ Covenant Church of Chicago

Christ Covenant Church, Chicago (CREC) is dedicated to glorifying God through reverent worship, making disciples of all nations, building up our members through the preaching and the teaching of the whole counsel of God, the proclamation of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ, observing Christ’s sacraments, and calling men, women and children to the obedience of Christ’s commandments.
We recognize that this can be accomplished only by the authority of Christ our sovereign Lord (Matt. 28:16-20) through the ministry of the Holy Spirit (John 14:25- 26; Acts 1:8) in the unity of the Body of Christ, the church universal (Eph. 4:1-6).
The mission of Christ Covenant Church of Chicago is to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world (Matt. 5:13-14), to manifest God’s love, holiness, majesty and glory through true worship and Christian fellowship, and to serve our local community and the world around us, that God may be all in all (1Cor. 15:28).


Current Broadcast: Some Final Housecleaning (Mark 12:35-44)

Jon  Herr
Speaker: Rev. Jon Herr
Date: 11/11/2018
Type: Sunday Sermon

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