Pastor Alan Stout

Pastor Alan  Stout

Pastor Stout serves as staff elder at Providence Church alongside his career in the Department of the Navy, Center for Information Dominance. Pastor Stout was born in nearby Milton, Florida, in 1965. He brings biblical wisdom, compassion, and integrity to the leadership of the church, along with passion for the gospel. He retired from active duty in the Navy in 2005.  His Navy service allowed him to serve churches of different types in different parts of the world, affording him a broad perspective on the church. He was licensed to preach by First Southern Baptist Church of San Diego, California, and ordained by Harmony Ridge Baptist Church in Pace, Florida. Alan, and his wife Mary live in Pace, Florida.  They have four children: twins Heather and Patricia, Alice, and Jerry.

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Anti-Trinitarian War on Truth 6/12/2022
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King of All the Earth 4/24/2022
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God Responds to Worship 1/17/2021
A Peace that Passes Understanding 8/30/2020
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Exhortation 1-28-18, "New Members Exhortation" 1/28/2018
My Soul Looks Up to Yahweh! 7/23/2017
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Worship as Gospel, pt. 2 5/7/2017
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Worship as Gospel, pt. 1 4/30/2017
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Justice: The Rod of the Oppressor and the Kingdom of God 1/22/2017
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Baptized Into... 9/11/2016
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Baptised into Christ 6/19/2016
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Worship in the Presence of the Lamb 4/10/2016
Competing Sacrifices 1/17/2016
Exhortation, 1-17-16, "Many Bodies, One Sacrifice" 1/17/2016
Exhortation 11-22-15, "Unshakable God in Uncertain Times" 11/22/2015
Built up in Faith to Carry the Weak 11/22/2015
Baptism of baby Johnson, 11-1-15 11/1/2015
Put No Trust in Princes 9/6/2015