Mr. Wes Callihan

Mr. Wes  Callihan Wesley J. Callihan is the Founder and Tutor of Schola Classical Tutorials. He grew up on a farm in Idaho and graduated in History from the University of Idaho in 1983. He has taught at Logos School, the University of Idaho, and New St. Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho, and at Veritas Academy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He has written curriculum for several ACCS and other Christian schools, such as Great Books study guides, and speaks regularly at Classical Christian education conferences for home educators and private schools, and teaches summer intensive Latin courses. He has written columns and short fiction for Credenda/Agenda and Antithesis, and contributed to the book Classical Education and the Home School, (published by Canon Press). Schola Classical Tutorials, a program of live internet courses in the Great Books and the Classical Languages, began in the fall of 1997 and is his contribution to the growing classical Christian education movement.

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Veritas 2003 302 W Callihan Grammar Latin  
Veritas 2003 204 W Callihan Secondary Rhetoric  
Veritas 2002 2-15 Thursday Wes Calihan  
Veritas 2002 1-00 W Wes Cal  
Veritas 2002 1-00 Wes Calihan Rhetoric  
Veritas 2001 206 W Callihan Recitiation  
Veritas 2001 203 W Callihan J Veith Classical Language  
Veritas 2001 128 W Callihan Class Recitation  
Veritas 2001 124 W Callihan Dante  
Veritas 2001 120 W Callihan Aenid  
Veritas 2001 108 W Callihan Rhetoric  
Classical Education - OMNIBUS - Understanding Homer's Odyssey  
Grammar Track Latin (Veritas 2004)  
Aeneid (Veritas 2004)  
Classical Education - Grammar Latin  
Classical Education - Secondary Rhetoric  
Classical Education - Veritas Conference  
Classical Education - Classics and Teaching  
Classical Education - Class Recitation  
Classical Education - Dante  
Classical Education - Aenid  
Classical Education - Rhetoric  
Teaching Great Books  
Classical Education - Teaching Rhetoric  
Classical Education - Great Pagans and the Christian School