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 Books  At a Glance

Books at a Glance provides summaries that trace out and digest the primary lines of thought of important new Christian books and condense them, chapter by chapter, into short, easy-to-read 7- 10 page summaries, enabling you to grasp the author’s leading arguments in a fraction of the time that it would take to read the entire book.

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Wilson Kingdom Conspiracy Review  
Wilson Job Commentary Review  
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Gordon Wenham's The Psalter Reclaimed (books at glance)  
Warfield Plan Of Salvation Summary  
Ware Father Son Spirit Summary  
Sutton American Apocalypse Review  
Streett Vine And Son Of Man Review  
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Scruton Fools Frauds And Firebrands Review  
Sanders Summary  
Reju On Guard Review  
Rah Prophetic Lament Review  
ProvanLongLongman Israel Review  
Plantinga Warranted Christian Belief Summary  
Plantinga Warrant Proper Function Summary  
Plantinga Warrant Current Debate Summary  
Piper Momentary Marriage Summary  
Nogalski Prophetic Literature Review  
Mohler We Cannot Be Silent Summary  
Middleton New Heaven Review  
McQuilkan Biblical Ethics Review  
Matthews Cultural World Review  
Mascord Apologetics Review  
Martin Promised Land Review  
Lister Impassible Review  
Kolb Martin Luther Review  
Keller Preaching Summary  
Keller Center Church Summary  
Kelleman Counseling Review  
Henard Bones Review  
Goldingay Need New Testament Review  
Gathercole Substitution Summary  
Garner Did God Really Say Summary  
Duesing Seven Summits Review  
DeYoung Homosexuality Summary  
CroftAdkins Gathering Gods People Review  
Croft Widows Review  
Cox How To Read The Bible Review  
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