Arthur Church History Review

Part 2 of a 64 part series.
Organization: Books at a Glance
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Why Read Church History? (J. Philip Arthur) is written by a man who is passionate about his subject. With infectious enthusiasm he outlines a number of important reasons why every Christian should develop a keen interest in what God has done in the past. He ably demonstrates the practical value of understanding church history, points out some of the pitfalls to be avoided, and gives useful advice about how to get started. The booklet concludes with recommendations for further reading.

A book summary from Books at a Glance. The collection includes 64 summaries of books from authors such as Tim Keller, John Frame, Simon Cathercole, Wayne Grudem, D.A. Carson, Alvin Plantiga, Tom Schreiner, and many more.

Books At a Glance Books at a Glance provides summaries that trace out and digest the primary lines of thought of important new Christian books and condense them, chapter by chapter, into short, easy-to-read 7- 10 page summaries, enabling you to grasp the author’s leading arguments in a fraction of the time that it would take to read the entire book.