Rev. Andrew Sandlin

Rev. Andrew  Sandlin P. Andrew Sandlin, an ordained minister, is president of the Center for Cultural Leadership, a Christian educational foundation dedicated to reclaiming contemporary culture for Jesus Christ; a preacher at Church of the King-Santa Cruz; and theological consultant for the Act 3 Review. An interdisciplinary scholar, he holds academic degrees or concentrations (B. A., M. A.) in English, English literature, history, and political science; has taken doctoral work (English) at Kent State University; and holds a Doctorate in Sacred Theology (summa cum laude) from Edinburg Theological Seminary/Juan Calvino Theological Seminary, Mexico City. He has written several monographs and books, including The Full Gospel: A Biblical Vocabulary of Salvation; Totalism: God’s Sovereign Claims in All of Life; Christianity: Bulwark of Liberty; New Flesh, New Earth: The Life-Changing Power of the Resurrection, and Un-Inventing the Church: Toward a Modest Ecclesiology ; and hundreds of essays and articles, both scholarly and popular. He was formerly a pastor, youth pastor, Christian school administrator, president of the National Reform Association, executive vice president of the Chalcedon Foundation, editor of the Biblical Editor, and associate editor of Christianity and Society.

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