Greg Bahnsen - Systematic Theology (36 mp3s)

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From the library of Greg Bahnsen. This course is Systematic Theology:
GB1200 Necessity of & Qualifications for Elders
GB1201 The Necessity of Doctrinal Knowledge
GB1202 The Knowledge of God
GB1203 Knowability of God
GB1204 Knowability of God: Scripture
GB1205 Scripture Our Standard
GB1206 The Person of God—part I
GB1207 The Person of God—part II
GB1208 The Perfections of God—part I
GB1209 The Perfections of God—part II
GB1210 The Providence of God—part I
GB1211 The Providence of God—part II
GB1212 The Providence of God—part III
GB1213 Angels
GB1214 The Nature of Man
GB1215 Man’s Constitution
GB1216 Man as God’s Image
GB1217 Sin and Its Punishment
GB1218 The Person of Christ
GB1219 The Incarnation
GB1220 The Impeccability of Christ
GB1221 The Two Natures of Christ
GB1222 The Covenant of Grace
GB1223 The Centrality of Christ to the Covenant
GB1224 The Saving Work of Christ: Competing Concepts of Salvation—part I
GB1225 The Saving Work of Christ: Competing Concepts of Salvation—part II
GB1226 The Saving Work of Christ: The Comprehensive Scope of Salvation
GB1227 The Saving Work of Christ: Redemption Accomplished
GB1228 The Saving Work of Christ: Exposition of the Atonement
GB1229 The Saving Work of Christ: Exposition of the Atonement (cont.)
GB1230 The Person of the Holy Spirit
GB1231 The Work of the Spirit—part I
GB1232 The Work of the Spirit—part II
GB1233 Redemption Applied—part I
GB1234 Redemption Applied—part II
GB1235 Justification
GB1236 Adoption
GB1237 Sanctification—part I
GB1238 Sanctification—part II
GB1239 Assurance
GB1240 The Doctrine of Hell
GB1241 The Doctrine of Heaven
GB1242 Ethics: Therefore How Shall We Live?—part I
GB1243 Ethics: Therefore How Shall We Live?—part II
GB1244 Ethics: The Right Goal
GB1245 Ethics: The Right Motive
GB1246 Ethics: The Right Standard—part I
GB1247 Ethics: The Right Standard—part II
Greg L. Bahnsen Rev. Greg L. Bahnsen, Ph.D. (Univ. Southern California) (1948-1995), was an ordained minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and a full time Scholar in Residence for the Southern California Center for Christian Studies. He received a Ph.D. in philosophy from USC, B.A. (magna cum laude, philosophy) from Westmont College, and M.Div. and Th.M. degrees from... read more
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GB1200 Qual. Elders Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1201 Doctrinal Knowledge Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1202 Knowledge of God Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1203 Knowability of God Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1204 Scripture Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1205 Scripture Standard Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1206 Person of God I Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1207 Person of God II Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1208 Perfections I Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1209 Perfections II Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1210 Providence I Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1211 Providence II Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1212 Providence III Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1213 Angels Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1214NatureMan Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1215MansConstitution Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1216GodsImage Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1217SinPunishmt Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1218PrsnChrist Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1219Incarnation Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1220ImpeccabilityChrist Greg L. Bahnsen
GB12212NaturesChrist Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1222CovGrace Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1223CentralChrist Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1224ConcptSalv1 Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1225 Concepts of Salvation I Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1226 Scope of Salvation Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1227 Redemption Accomp. Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1228 Expo of Atonement Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1229 Expo of Atonement II Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1230 Person of Holy Spirit Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1231WrkSprt Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1233Redmpt1 Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1234Redmt2 Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1235Justf Greg L. Bahnsen
GB1236Adpt Greg L. Bahnsen