Resource Center for Theological Research 2006 No Other Gods Apologetics Conference

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10 Marks of a Cult Edward Dalcour
A Trip to the Mirror Universe - Mormonism versus Christianity J.P. Holding
Buddhism - The Buddha's Elusive Identity Winfried Corduan
Dustin Segers - No Good Reason To Be An Atheist Dustin Segers
Dustin Segers - Protecting and Contending the Faith Dustin Segers
Hinduism - It's More Complex Than You Might Think Winfried Corduan
Jehovah Witnesses and the New Watchtower Edward Dalcour
Marcia Montenegro - Feng Shui and Other Popular...the New Spirituality Marcia Montenegro
Marcia Montenegro - Harry Potter - Is it Good Reading for Children Marcia Montenegro
No Other Gods Conference - First Question and Answer Session Winfried Corduan
No Other Gods Conference - Second Question and Answer Session Winfried Corduan
Not InDavincible - Dan Brown's Broken Code Book J.P. Holding
Oneness Theology - Is God Trinitarian or Unitar...rsons or Three modes Edward Dalcour
The Baha'i Faith - Do All Roads Lead to Mt. Carmel John D. Ferrer
What's All This About Kabbalah Fred Klett
Word of Faith Movement Kerry Gilliard
Would a Good God Really Send People to Hell? John D. Ferrer