Greg Bahnsen - ASA Ancient Philosophy (23 mp3s)

Greg Bahnsen - ASA Ancient Philosophy (23 mp3s)
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History of Philosophy--Ancient History (B.C - 14th century):  Dr. Greg Bahnsen's excellent series lecturing through Ancient Philosophy in 24 parts with reference to Frederick Charles Copleston's famous History of Philosophy text. Here is a great way to gain the background in philosophy which you have wanted but never had the time to get. In a course at Christ College Dr. Bahnsen discusses the history of philosophical development from biblical times, through ancient Greece and into the Middle Ages. Understand the antithesis between Christianity and the world (even in our culture today), as well as the crucial setting for the introduction of Christianity and its early development in the world of thought. Also helpful for deepening your understanding of issues in apologetics.

See also Renaissance History and Modern History.

Greg L. Bahnsen Rev. Greg L. Bahnsen, Ph.D. (Univ. Southern California) (1948-1995), was an ordained minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and a full time Scholar in Residence for the Southern California Center for Christian Studies. He received a Ph.D. in philosophy from USC, B.A. (magna cum laude, philosophy) from Westmont College, and M.Div. and Th.M. degrees from... read more
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01 Introduction GB1250a24 Greg L. Bahnsen
02 Introduction GB1250b24 Greg L. Bahnsen
03 Introduction cont GB125124 Greg L. Bahnsen
04 Ancnt Cultrs Grk Poets GB1252a24 Greg L. Bahnsen
05 Ancnt Cultrs Grk Poets GB1252b24 Greg L. Bahnsen
06 PreSocratics GB125324 Greg L. Bahnsen
07 PreSocratics 2 cont GB125424 Greg L. Bahnsen
08 PreSocratics 3 cont GB125524 Greg L. Bahnsen
09 Philosophies of Life GB125624 Greg L. Bahnsen
10 Platos Times Life GB125724 Greg L. Bahnsen
11 Platos Philosophy GB125824 Greg L. Bahnsen
12 Platos Philosophy cont GB125924 Greg L. Bahnsen
13 Aristotle GB1260a24 Greg L. Bahnsen
14 Aristotle GB1260b24 Greg L. Bahnsen
15 Aristotle cont GB126124 Greg L. Bahnsen
17 Roman Period cont GB126324 Greg L. Bahnsen
18 Advent of Christ GB126424 Greg L. Bahnsen
19 Early Christian Era GB126524 Greg L. Bahnsen
20 Patristics Augustine GB126624 Greg L. Bahnsen
21 Augustine cont GB126724 Greg L. Bahnsen
22 Medieval Philosophy GB126824 Greg L. Bahnsen
23 Medieval Philosophy cont GB126924 Greg L. Bahnsen
24 Aquinas After GB127024 Greg L. Bahnsen