10 Julie Etter Homeschool Journey The Aroma of Your Home

10 Julie Etter Homeschool Journey The Aroma of Your Home
Part 10 of a 43 part series.
Organization: Veritas Press
Price: $4.00
About the conference: Veritas Press 2008 Teacher Training Conference - Family-Driven Education Conference - featuring Dr. Voddie Baucham, Marlin & Laurie Detweiler and others. This item includes 43 Mp3 audio files of each recorded session of the conference (43 mp3s) (Held at the Eden Resort, Lancaster, PA, July 21-23, 2008).
Julie Etter participated extensively in writing lesson plans for Veritas Press Scholars and currently assists with various duties in the Veritas Press Scholars Program. She has worked with multiple grammar school grade levels and has served as Foreign Missions Coordinator in Christian schools. Julie and her husband Bruce reside in Lancaster, Pa., with their... read more

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