11 Hans Urs von Balthasar 3 SJG

Part 12 of a 16 part series.
Topic: Liturgy
Organization: Biblical Horizons
Price: $3.00

1997 Biblical Horizons Conference. 20 mp3s with notes including, James B. Jordan, The Battle of The Mountain of Festival Assembly (2 lectures), Jeffrey J. Meyers, Theology of Mark (3 lectures), Peter J. Leithart, Introduction to Hebrews (3 lectures),Stephen J. Garver, Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar (3 lectures), Rich Bledsoe, Scapegoating, Homosexuality, and Self-Deception (4 lectures).

Joel Garver S. Joel Garver, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, B.A.: University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D.: Syracuse University - is professor of philosophy at Lasalle University. Publications and presentations include: Publications/Presentations: "Aristotle on Anger: Ancient Greek Ethics and Practices of the Self" - presentation given at the Eastern Pennsylvania Philosophical... read more

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