A Theological History of America 1620-1865

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How do you explain the "causes" of America? Do you have a Marxist view of the "forces" that arise to bring about changes in men and nations? Or do you have a fully Christian view of the theological causes, as well as every other material cause? Douglas Wilson provides a tremendous overview of these themes. History Conference 1996 02 Douglas Wilson - Theological History of America 1620-1865 - From the Credenda Agenda/Canon Press, First Annual History Conference in 1996, titled, "Revolutions That Never Were: The Wars for American and Southern Independence" which contained 6 messages from Douglas Wilson and Steve Wilkins. In these six lectures, Wilkins and Wilson make the case that the War for Independence was not revolutionary and that the War Between the States was truly revolutionary.

Douglas Wilson Douglas Wilson is the author of Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning and The Case for Classical Christian Education. He is the pastor of Christ Church, Moscow, ID and a founding member of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools.

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