Mr. Otto Scott

Mr. Otto  Scott

Otto Scott,1919–2006, was a journalist, editor, columnist, book reviewer, corporate executive, and author of ten books: The Exception: The Story of Ashland Oil and Refining Company; James I: The Fool As King; The Creative Ordeal: The Story of Raytheon; Robespierre: The Fool As Revolutionary; The Secret Six: John Brown and the Abolitionists; The Professional: A Biography of JB Saunders; The Other End of the Lifeboat; The Great Christian Revolution: How Christianity Transformed the World; Buried Treasure: The Story of Arch Mineral Corporation; and The Powered Hand: The History of Black & Decker. His articles and essays have appeared in numerous publications, including the Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union, San Diego Tribune, Chronicles, Salisbury Review (London), Conservative Digest, Human Events, Tabletalk, Chalcedon Report, Southern Partisan, and Imprimis.

Mr. Scott was an Associate Scholar for the American Council on Economics and Society, and a member of the Council on National Policy, Philadelphia Society, Committee for Monetary Research and Education, the Author’s Guild, and the Overseas Press Club. He is the recipient of the George Washington Medal from the Freedom Foundation (1976) and the John Newman Edwards Media Award (1994).

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