The Revolution That Wasn't

Organization: Canon Press
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History Conference 1996 01 Steve Wilkins - Revolution That Wasn’t - From the Credenda Agenda/Canon Press, First Annual History Conference in 1996, titled, "Revolutions That Never Were: The Wars for American and Southern Independence" which contained 6 messages from Douglas Wilson and Steve Wilkins. In these six lectures, Wilkins and Wilson make the case that the War for Independence was not revolutionary and that the War Between the States was truly revolutionary.

Steve Wilkins Steve Wilkins holds a Bachelor of Science degree (in Pre-Law) from the University of Alabama and a Masters of Divinity from the Reformed Theological Seminary of Jackson, Mississippi. He was ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America in 1976. He has served as the pastor of Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church (CREC) of Monroe, Louisiana since 1989. Pastor... read more

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