Crown Rights & Political Wrongs - Crown Him With Many Crowns (part 1)

Topic: Theonomy
Organization: Basileians
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Greg Bahnsen, Ph.D. shares from his speaking in Russia about the need for applying the Ascension of Christ to the throne to society. From the Basileian lectures (1988-1997), an organization which brought great speakers to Wilmington, DE to address kingdom themes from the Reformed and Reconstructionist viewpoint.

Greg L. Bahnsen Rev. Greg L. Bahnsen, Ph.D. (Univ. Southern California) (1948-1995), was an ordained minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and a full time Scholar in Residence for the Southern California Center for Christian Studies. He received a Ph.D. in philosophy from USC, B.A. (magna cum laude, philosophy) from Westmont College, and M.Div. and Th.M. degrees from... read more

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