Secondary Latin

Part 17 of a 49 part series.
Organization: Veritas Press
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Excellent resource for teachers, homeschoolers, and those who want to learn of faithful Christian education. [This is an item from] the Veritas Academy and Veritas Press sponsored annual conference at Willow Valley Resort, Lancaster, PA (July 19-21, 2006) - the complete set includes talks by speakers Douglas and Nancy Wilson (Christ Church, Moscow ID), Wes Calihan (Schola Tutorial), John Schwandt (New St. Andrews College), Ty Fischer (Veritas), Marlin and Laurie Detweiler (Veritas Press), John Schwandt (New St Andrews), Greg Wilbur (composer and cohort w/ George Grant), Lora Thompson, Bruce Etter, Bill Dawson, Kathy Arrick, Emily Fischer, Josh Stevenson, Deb Chapin, Don Hoover, Nancy Stuart, Gregg and Sharon Strawbridge, and more. Focused on Homeschooling and Christian Day Schools. (This is an mp3 CD with audio files for a computer to play).
Molly Carey Molly Carey is our Latin teacher. She graduated from Franklin & Marshall College with a B.A. in Latin. In addition, Molly is a ballet teacher at Lancaster School of Ballet, being certified through the Cecchetti Council of America. She has also been a gymnastics teacher and coach. Molly and her husband, Chuck, are the parents of two children.

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