Emerging from the Shadows - An Explanation of the Shroud of Turin

Emerging from the Shadows - An Explanation of the Shroud of Turin
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(Mp3 Download) Emerging From Shadows: An Explanation of the Shroud of Turin by Nathan D. Wilson - For centuries, the Shroud of Turin has puzzled its critics and advocates. But in the last three decades, examination of the Shroud has revealed even more complexities: a three-dimensional image which no one has been able to explain or duplicate with medieval methods—until now. In this lecture, Nathan Wilson demonstrates how medieval forgers could have easily created a photo negative image of a man, three-dimensionally encoded on linen, by using only painted glass and sunlight. Mr. Wilson also gives an entertaining overview of the Shroud’s history, its controversies, and its most ardent defenders and detractors. Visit www.shadowshroud.com for more info.
Nancy Wilson Nancy is a favorite speaker at marriage conferences and classical education conferences. She has taught literature at Logos School, Moscow ID and is married to Douglas Wilson. She has authored Praiser Her in the Gates, The Fruit of Her Hands, Building Her House and Our Mother Tongue.

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