Eschatology Part II: Already and Not Yet

Date: 1/10/2010
Type: Sunday Sermon
Topic: Eschatology
Price: FREE

Last week I said that I was going to start a new series on eschatology – eschatology is our doctrine of last things. Last week we learned that the first thing we must understand as we consider our understanding of the future is that Jesus is already King – He is the Son of Man who has received power, dominion, and authority; He is the Son of God, the heir of David’s throne, seated at God’s right hand in power and authority. Today we discover the meaning of this in terms of the general contour of Kingdom history. Jesus came and was installed as King – His Kingdom was inaugurated. He continues to this day to reign as King – His Kingdom continues. And one day His Kingdom shall be consummated at the end of history – He shall come in judgment and the resurrection of all things shall take place. So where are we in the history of the Kingdom? We are under the reign of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is spreading His Kingdom throughout the earth.

Stuart W. Bryan Stuart Bryan is the pastor of Trinity Church. He and his wife, Paige, have seven children, four homegrown, two adopted from the lovely land of Guatemala, and one adopted from Ukraine. Stuart earned his B.A. in Religion from Whitworth College and his M.A. in Theological and Historical Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida.