King's Meadow Study Center

King's Meadow Study Center is a covenantal community of Reformed Christian thinkers, writers, artists, teachers, students, activists, and friends endeavoring to facilitate Gospel faithfulness and Word and Deed effectiveness in their own lives, families, and communities. Our president is George Grant, and our director, Greg Wilbur.


Current Broadcast: The Civil Rights Movement

George  Grant
Date: 1/18/2016
Topic: Modernity
Modernity Lecture Series - Get this amazing and informative series that explains why we are here at this time in American culture. How does Jazz and artistic movements fit into the flow of history? Learn about Modernity and movements from George Grant, Ph.D., D.Hum., D.Litt.. He is the director of the King's Meadow Study Center, Teaching Pastor at Christ Community Church (PCA), and Professor of Humanities at Franklin Classical School.

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