Covenant Heritage Reformed Church

Covenant Heritage Reformed Church is a Christian church meeting in Newport News, Virginia. A member of the CREC, we seek to live out a confessionally Reformed (Westminster) and covenantal interpretation of Scripture. We worship together as families, and encourage faithfulness to Christ, not only as individuals in Christ, but also in our Biblical roles within the family. Join us for worship Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.


Current Broadcast: 2 Tim 1.13-18 - Loyalty to the Faith and the Faithful

Steve  Hemmeke
Date: 8/5/2018
Type: Sunday Sermon
Sermon theme: Follow good examples as you maintain the truth about Jesus Christ and as you help others who are serving him. Sermon outline Christ’s Pattern of Words to Keep – vs 13-14 Christ’s People to Help – vs 15-18

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Luke 1.26-56 - The Spirit, Mary, and Our Faith at Christmas Steve Hemmeke Sermon12/24/2017
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Genesis 21.22-32 - Seeking Peace, Receiving Promises Steve Hemmeke Sermon10/1/2017
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John 12.27-50 - Glory at the Cross; Unbelief in the Human Heart Steve Hemmeke Sermon9/10/2017
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John 12.1-11 - Sacrifice, Anointing, Burial Steve Hemmeke  8/27/2017
Philippians 1.1-11 - The State of the Church Steve Hemmeke Sermon8/20/2017
John 11.45-57 - Christ or Caiaphas? Steve Hemmeke Sermon7/30/2017
John 11.1-44 - Resurrection Power, Personal Peace Steve Hemmeke Sermon7/23/2017
John 10.22-42 - One with the Father, Preserving Sheep Steve Hemmeke Sermon7/9/2017
John 10:1-21 - Jesus the Good Shepherd Steve Hemmeke Sermon7/2/2017
John 9:13-41 - Division, Rejection, Judgment Steve Hemmeke Sermon6/25/2017
John 9.1-12 - Light from the Light Steve Hemmeke Sermon6/18/2017
John 8.31-59 - Our Bondage and Freedom Steve Hemmeke Sermon6/11/2017
John 16.1-15 - Pentecost Steve Hemmeke Sermon6/4/2017
Psalm 110 - Reign of Christ Steve Hemmeke Sermon5/28/2017
2017.05.21 - Leviticus 1.1-9 - Ascension of Jesus Steve Hemmeke Sermon5/21/2017
Romans 14-15.7 - Disagreeing in Love Steve Hemmeke Sermon5/14/2017
Acts 2.22-37 - Core Christian Issues Steve Hemmeke Sermon4/23/2017
Romans 6.1-11 - Resurrection Reality and Results Steve Hemmeke Sermon4/16/2017
John 8.12-30 - Light of the World Steve Hemmeke Sermon4/2/2017
John 7.37-53 - An Invitation to Life Steve Hemmeke  3/19/2017
John 7.14-36 - Getting Jesus All Wrong Steve Hemmeke Sermon3/12/2017
John 7.1-13 - Let Jesus Be Jesus Steve Hemmeke Sermon3/5/2017
John 6.35-71 - Life Bread to Sustain Steve Hemmeke Sermon2/19/2017
John 6.1-35 - Bread from Heaven Steve Hemmeke Sermon2/12/2017
John 5.31-47 - Proof and Honor Steve Hemmeke Sermon2/5/2017
John 5.16-30 - Who Do You Think You Are? Steve Hemmeke Sermon1/29/2017
John 5.1-16 - Hope in the Healer for Hostages Facing Hostility Steve Hemmeke Sermon1/22/2017
Isaiah 60 - Shining Light Steve Hemmeke Sermon1/8/2017
Luke 1.26-38 - THE Birth Announcement of All Time Steve Hemmeke Sermon12/25/2016
1 John 4.7-11 - Advent IV: Love Steve Hemmeke Sermon12/18/2016
1 Peter 1.3-9 - Advent III: Joy Steve Hemmeke Sermon12/11/2016
Ephesians 2.11-18 - Advent II: Peace Steve Hemmeke Sermon12/4/2016
Romans 4.13-25 - Advent I: Hope Steve Hemmeke Sermon11/27/2016
Ecclesiastes 3.1-15 - What Time Is It Steve Hemmeke Sermon11/13/2016
John 4.43-54 - Honor, Healing, Doubting Steve Hemmeke Sermon11/6/2016
Rev 14 - Sovereign God over the Nations Steve Hemmeke Sermon10/30/2016
John 4.27-42 - Witness, Work, Welcome Steve Hemmeke Sermon10/23/2016
John 4.1-26 - The Woman at the Well Steve Hemmeke Sermon9/25/2016
John 3.22-36 - John Points to Jesus Steve Hemmeke Sermon9/18/2016
John 3.1-21 - The Need to Be Born Again Steve Hemmeke Sermon9/11/2016
John 2.12-25 - Jesus Cleanses the Temple Steve Hemmeke Sermon9/4/2016
John 1.19-51 - Beholding the Lamb of God Steve Hemmeke Sermon8/21/2016
1 Peter 5.1-4 - Shepherd the Flock Steve Hemmeke Sermon8/14/2016
John 1.14-18 - The Incarnate Word Steve Hemmeke Sermon8/7/2016
John 1.6-13 - Two Johns Witness to the Glory of Jesus Steve Hemmeke Sermon7/31/2016
John 1.1-5 - Jesus the Eternal Word Steve Hemmeke Sermon7/24/2016
The Gospel according to John Steve Hemmeke Sermon7/17/2016
Phil 4 - Joy and Peace Together in Christ Steve Hemmeke Sermon6/12/2016
Phil 3 - Trust Brings Joy Steve Hemmeke Sermon6/5/2016
Phil 2.12-30 - Work Out Your Salvation Steve Hemmeke Sermon5/29/2016
Phil 2.1-11 - Humility and Exaltation of Jesus Steve Hemmeke Sermon5/22/2016
Phil 1 - Making Christ Known Steve Hemmeke Sermon5/15/2016
Genesis 19.30-38 - Grace Greater than Shame Steve Hemmeke Sermon5/1/2016
Genesis 19.1-22 - Fleeing Sodom Steve Hemmeke Sermon4/24/2016
Genesis 18.16-33 - Friendship in Prayer Steve Hemmeke Sermon4/17/2016
Genesis 18.1-19 - Friendship with God Steve Hemmeke Sermon4/10/2016
Luke 24.1-48 - Life, Again Steve Hemmeke Sermon3/27/2016
Mark 15.33-39 - The Death of Jesus Christ Steve Hemmeke Sermon3/20/2016
Genesis 17 - Promise and Laughter Steve Hemmeke Sermon3/13/2016
Genesis 17 - Abraham's Circumcision, Christ's and Ours Steve Hemmeke Sermon3/6/2016
Genesis 16 - Tension in the Tent Steve Hemmeke Sermon2/21/2016