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Association of Classical and Christian Schools

The primary mission of ACCS is to promote, establish and equip schools committed to a classical approach to education in light of a Christian worldview grounded in the Old and New Testament Scriptures All ACCS 2009 Products * Listen to all ACCS and Veritas audio for just a few dollars per month with the Classical Education Subscription !

All Saints Church

All Saints Church - A Reformational and Covenantal Congregation serve Christ the King in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania region. We are congregation in fellowship with the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches.

Augustine Presbytery

Sermons from the Augustine Presbytery Churches of the CREC.

American Vision

"Restoring America's Biblical Foundation—From Genesis to Revelation." Founded in 1978, we are a full service, nonprofit Christian ministry. We are a think-tank, national training center, book publisher, and speaker's bureau that's taking a vital message and life-changing resources to Christians throughout America and around the world.

The Basileians

The Basileians affirm the historic orthodox creeds of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church concerning the doctrines of the Trinity and the Person of Jesus Christ. They propagated the following teachings - Presuppositional Apologetics, the Sovereignty of God, the Primacy of the Church, Covenantal Theology, Optimistic Eschatology, and Biblical Ethics.

Biblical Horizons

Biblical Horizons and the Theopolis Institute is committed to historical Biblical Christianity. We seek to be thoroughly Biblical, comprehensively catholic, and true to the Reformation faith. We believe that the primary issue before the Church today is the lordship of Jesus Christ. Get the complete Biblical Horizons collection of audio files (over 1700 mp3s).


BreakPoint is a Christian worldview ministry founded by Chuck Colson. Its mission is to seek the transformation of believers as they apply biblical thinking to all of life, enabling them to transform their communities through the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. BreakPoint provides a Christian perspective on today’s news and trends via radio, interactive media, and print. The daily BreakPoint Commentaries by Chuck Colson and Mark Earley airs each weekday on more than 1,200 outlets with an estimated weekly listening...

Christ the Redeemer Church (Pella)

Christ Church of Livingston County

Christ Church is presbyterian in structure, which means elders are the responsible leaders, and we have more than one pastor or elder leading together. Our new pastor just came on board in January 2019, so we are now blessed with a pastor, elder and two deacons.

Christ Church, Spokane

Christ Church, Spokane A Reformed and Evangelical Church meeting in central Spokane.

Christ Covenant Church of Chicago Christ Covenant Church, Chicago (CREC) is dedicated to glorifying God through reverent worship, making disciples of all nations, building up our members through the preaching and the teaching of the whole counsel of God, the proclamation of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ, observing Christ’s sacraments, and calling men, women and children to the obedience of Christ’s commandments. We recognize that this can be accomplished only by the authority of Christ...

Covenant Media Foundation

It is the purpose of Covenant Media Foundation to promote sound biblical education and training for Christians at all levels. We are committed to working with believers from a wide range of theological backgrounds and associations, in the Spirit of Christ, with the common goal of advancing the kingdom of God both in the lives of individual Christians and throughout the culture.

Community Presbyterian Church

Community Presbyterian Church (Louisville, KY) is a worshiping community gathered around Jesus’ Word and Table each week to celebrate his victory over death and his lordship over the world. Our worship is gospel-shaped, confronting us with the challenges of being Jesus’ disciples as well as the hope that we share in his victory. Grounded firmly in the Scriptures and drawing deeply from the rich traditions of the church, our worship is the heart of all that we are and do. As we worship faithfully, we become shaped...

Covenant Radio

Covenant Radio is a joint venture of the Reformed Theology Resource Center and The Apologia Book Shoppe designed to address the issues of the covenant as it pertains to various topics in the life of our modern Church. These issues are related closely to our approach to baptism, communion, eschatology, and worship. For more information please visit the Covenant Radio website at

Covenant Reformed Church (Fairbanks)

"Covenant Reformed Church exists to celebrate and advance the crown rights of King Jesus, proclaiming Him to be King of kings and Lord of lords. We seek to do this by living and teaching in accordance with the Holy Scriptures, which are the only reliable source of true knowledge and wisdom throughout the ages." We are a mission plant of Covenant Bible Church in Chugiak, AK, and we are affiliated with the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC).

Covenant Bible Church (AK)

Covenant Bible Church - A reformed and evangelical church believing and teaching the historic Christian faith as applicable to all of life located in southeast Alaska, including families from Wasilla, Palmer, Glennallen, Anchorage, and surrounding areas. We are a congregation in fellowship with the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches.

Evangelical Theological Society Eastern Region

We are a professional society of Biblical scholars, teachers, pastors and others involved in the evangelical scholarship serving Christ and His Church. We are, first of all, Evangelical -- that is we subscribe to the Good News of Salvation as a free gift of God through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on the cross. We are Theological and are committed to the doctrinal basis that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. You can see our complete doctrinal statement in the first link on the Contents called Doctrinal Bas...

Evangelical Theological Society

Evangelical Theological Society is a professional, academic society of Biblical scholars, teachers, pastors, students, and others involved in evangelical scholarship. We serve Jesus Christ and his church by fostering conservative, evangelical biblical scholarship. Please browse the site to learn more about the Society, the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society , and our National Meetings and regional meetings. host the audio of ETS National Meetings and some Regional Meetings.

Evangel Classical Christian School

Believing that people are ultimately defined by what they love, ECCS seeks to capture our students' hearts for Christ by shaping their loves through a classical Christian education. ECCS is an accredited member of the ACCS located in Alabaster, AL, serving covenant families preschool through 12th grade.

Holy Trinity Reformed Evangelical Church SC

Holy Trinity is a worshipping community committed to growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ and working and praying for the peace of our cities and the world. Worship - Holy Trinity is a worshipping community. Worshipping the Triune God is the first and highest calling of the Church and is the most powerful and formative thing we do. Every Sunday the God of heaven and earth graciously gathers His people into His house to serve them through the ministry of Word and Sacrament and thereby renews His covenant with them....

Ken Boa

Kenneth Boa, Ph.D., D.Phil. is the president of Reflections Ministries, is engaged in a ministry of relational evangelism and discipleship, teaching, writing, and speaking.

Kenneth Gentry

Kenneth Gentry offers "serious studies for serious Christians" in a broad range of theological and exegetical issues from a Reformed theological perspective. Some of the key issues for which we have educational materials include: Calvinism, reformed theology, Presbyterianism, eschatology in general, postmillennialism, preterism, the Book of Revelation, theonomy, six-day creation, presuppositionalism, predestination, lordship salvation, infant baptism, the Christian worldview, Christian education, the Christian and alcohol,...

The King's Chapel, Brooklyn

The King’s Chapel is a loving church in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Please join us each Sunday at 10:00 a.m. for worship followed by fellowship and Sunday School for all ages. 2702 Quentin Road, Brooklyn, NY The King's Chapel is a loving church in the heart of...

The King's Congregation (Meridian, ID)

We are a Christian, evangelical, and Reformed congregation. We are covenanted together to worship and glorify the Triune God, to love one another, and to proclaim the Gospel as His kingdom fills the whole earth. We do not exist to serve ourselves but rather to exalt the glorious Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as a community of those who have been purchased by the blood of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ. We seek to raise up godly children in the faith, and to celebrate the goodness of God with feasting, singing,...

King's Meadow Study Center

King's Meadow Study Center is a covenantal community of Reformed Christian thinkers, writers, artists, teachers, students, activists, and friends endeavoring to facilitate Gospel faithfulness and Word and Deed effectiveness in their own lives, families, and communities. Our president is George Grant, and our director, Greg Wilbur.

Music by Gregg Strawbridge

This ministry site makes freely available musical arrangements and recordings by Pastor Gregg Strawbridge.

Noteworthy Music (Michael Owens)

Noteworthy Music exists to improve the musical experience of untrained singers. Anyone can learn a tune effortlessly simply by listening. Many people are able to listen to recordings. However, no one is likely to listen to a synthesized recording often enough to become familiar with it. Therefore, live recordings are needed. With no choirs or instrumentalists at my disposal, I use what I have: my own voice. All selections were recorded in my office, for my enjoyment, using no professional equipment. This is fast...

Providence Church Pensacola

Providence Church in Pensacola, Florida is a CREC congregation.

Richard Bledsoe

From the teaching ministry of Dr. Richard Bledsoe.

Saint David's Church (Houston)

Saint David's Church is located in NW Houston, and is a church in the Communion of Reformed Evangelicals. The church's website is . Adam McIntosh is the pastor. You may contact him at

Slavic Reformation Society

The ministries of the Slavic Reformation Society are focused in three primary areas: seminary education, publishing and theological conferences. The Biblical Seminary of St. Petersburg is one of the few seminaries in Russia that makes full scholarships available to eligible students, and therefore offers one of the few full-time and thorough ministry preparation opportunities in the former Soviet Union. Students from across Russia’s eleven time zones and from other republics have studied at the seminary.

Trinity Church, Coeur d'Alene

Trinity Church is a congregation in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, one of the most beautiful cities in America. Trinity Church is committed to the historic Christian faith, believing that this has been most faithfully expressed in the Reformed tradition.

Trinity Covenant Church, Santa Cruz

Trinity Covenant Church is an evangelical and reformed church in Santa Cruz, CA.

Trinity Presbyterian Church (CREC) Valparaiso FL

Our church exists by the grace of God and the power of His Holy Spirit. We glorify Him, unite together as His people, and benefit our community. Our worship, fellowship, and service in the name of Jesus Christ unites us with Him Who Gave Himself for the life of the world.

Veritas Academy

Veritas Academy in Leola Pennsylvania is an ACCS school serving Lancaster County in classical Christian education. Veritas Academy was established in 1996 as a Classical Christian school and is a charter member of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS). To assist parents in the godly instruction of their children classes are now offered in Kindergarten through 12th Grade.

Whitefield College Classical Education

Whitefield College seeks to equip students with the skills necessary for them to take their places in the home, church, or nation,and to bring all things under the crown rights of Jesus Christ. The Christian Classical Education program at Whitefield is designed to prepare students for classical school teaching, homeschool teaching, and for advanced study in classical learning. Lectures for specific courses in the Christian Classical Education program are available in downloadable sets from Word MP3 (click here to find specific... FEATURED

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