Dr. Brian Phillips

Dr. Brian  Phillips


About Brian Phillips (by Brian Phillips):

I am the pastor of Holy Trinity Reformed Church (CREC) in Concord, NC and the Head of Upper School at Covenant Classical School, where I also teach a variety of subjects – humanities, philosophy, logic, and sometimes Greek and Latin.

More importantly, I am married to Shannon, my college sweetheart, and so far we have three wonderful blessings – Temperance, Ian, and Asher.  We try to live at a slow pace in a fast world and we sometimes suceed.  Our home is filled with laughter, singing, music, and children dancing to my guitar and banjo playing (which is always under construction).

After completing a B.A. in Biblical & Theological Studies, I went on to earn a M.A. in Theological Studies from Liberty University (additional work at Reformed Theological Seminary), and an Ed.D. (Doctor of Education) in Classical Education from Whitefield Seminary & Graduate School, where I am establishing undergraduate and graduate programs in classical education.

I have written one book ("In Heaven's Company") and have had several articles published, and have spoken at several conferences.


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