Mr Michael E. Owens

Mr Michael E. Owens

Michael E. Owens is an amateur musician serving the Reformed and Mennonite communities from Lancaster County, PA. 

Michael was born in 1974, and is a piano technician and music engraver by trade.

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Psalm 96 PEN UCHA 12/21/2019
Ye Nations All 12/2/2018
While Shepherds Watched CHRISTMAS 12/2/2018
We Three Kings 12/2/2018
Shepherds Came, Their Praises Bringing 12/2/2018
Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow 12/2/2018
Once in Royal David's City 12/2/2018
On Christmas Night 12/2/2018
O Sing a Song of Bethlehem 12/2/2018
While by the Sheep 12/2/2018
O Holy Night 12/2/2018
Now the Joyful Bells 12/2/2018
Infant Holy, Infant Lowly 12/2/2018
I Wonder as I Wander 12/2/2018
I Sing the Birth 12/2/2018
I Heard the Bells WALTHAM 12/2/2018
Here We Come A-Caroling 12/2/2018
Go, Tell It 12/2/2018
One Small Child 12/2/2018
Gentle Mary Laid Her Child 12/2/2018
Child in the Manger 12/2/2018
Away in a Manger CRADLE SONG 12/2/2018
Away in a Manger AWAY 12/2/2018
A Boy Was Born 12/2/2018
The Babe in Bethlehem's Manger 12/2/2018
Bethlehem, a Noble City 11/11/2018
From East to West THIS ENDRIS NIGHT 11/11/2018
While Shepherds Watched GALLERY 11/11/2018
In Bethlehem, Long Years Ago 11/10/2018
Now Blessed Be Thou 11/9/2018
Hark, and Hear My Trumpet 11/9/2018
Brightest and Best 11/9/2018
Wake, O Earth 11/8/2018
Coventry Carol 11/8/2018
In Stature Grows 11/8/2018
O Little One Sweet 11/4/2018
Jesus, Joy of the Highest Heaven 11/4/2018
Holy Child 11/4/2018
Glorious Light 11/4/2018
Fullness of Grace 11/4/2018
Gabriel's Message 11/1/2018
Love Came Down GARTAN 10/28/2018
Love Came Down LOVE INCARNATE 10/28/2018
The Year Is Gone 10/28/2018
This Child Was Born 10/28/2018
Jesus Christ My Righteousness 10/24/2018
Earth Today Rejoices 10/14/2018
Who Is This, So Weak 10/14/2018
A Virgin Most Pure 10/14/2018
Unto Us a Son Is Born 10/14/2018
The Great God of Heaven 10/14/2018
Sing We Now of Christmas 10/14/2018
O Christmas Night! 10/7/2018
Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head 9/30/2018
Joy Has Dawned 9/30/2018
Let All Together Praise 9/30/2018
Down in Yon Forest 9/30/2018
Now Is Born 9/30/2018
Noel We Sing 9/30/2018
Jesus, Good above All Other 9/16/2018
Psalm 6 SMART 9/11/2018
O Savior, Rend the Heavens 9/9/2018
All My Heart This Night (Bach) 9/9/2018
Hail the Blest Morn 9/9/2018
I Heard the Bells CHRISTMAS BELLS 9/9/2018
Good People All 9/9/2018
Psalm 61 SIDNEY 9/9/2018
A Babe Is Born 9/2/2018
Bow Down, Mountain 9/2/2018
All My Heart This Night (Ebeling) 9/2/2018
The Greatness of God 9/2/2018
When Jordan Hushed 9/2/2018
This Is the Truth 8/19/2018
Tell Out, My Soul 8/19/2018
My Soul Will Magnify 8/19/2018
Long Ago, Prophets Knew 8/19/2018
Psalm 121 SIDNEY 8/9/2018
Hark the Glad Sound 8/5/2018
Hark! A Thrilling Voice 8/5/2018
Hark, from the Midnight Hills 8/5/2018
Hills of the North 8/5/2018
Across the Land 8/5/2018
Come, All Ye Faithful Christians 8/5/2018
The Angel Gabriel 8/5/2018
Benediction (May the Grace) 7/29/2018
Search Me, O God 7/29/2018
Franklin Sanctus 7/29/2018
Franklin Gloria 7/29/2018
Franklin Agnus Dei 7/29/2018
Franklin Kyrie 7/29/2018
The Lord's Prayer (Wilbur) 7/29/2018
You Are Worthy of Praise 7/29/2018
Triumphant Jesus 7/29/2018
Come, Sinners, View 7/29/2018
O God, How Good (Psalm 73) 7/29/2018
Jesus, Blessed Lord 7/29/2018
Come, Ye Disconsolate 7/29/2018
Jesus, Faithful Friend 7/29/2018
Till Christ Be Formed 7/29/2018
Holy Father, Hear My Cry 7/29/2018