Mr. Vitaliy Odnolko

Mr. Vitaliy  Odnolko Vitaliy Oldnoko (Ukranian Pastor) that is loosely associated with the Slavic Reformation Society. Born Rovno, Ukraine in 1976, graduated with Bachelors in English in 1996 and married Yulia in 1993. They have two daughters Margarita and Ruta. He came to Christ in 1996 -- his father was violently opposed to his faith. He attended the extension course of PCA's Ukrainian Bible Seminary for 4 years
He planted a church in Shepitovka from 1999 until 2006.
Since 2006 he has been the assistant pastor and director of music and youth outreach for the Ukrainian Biblical Church of Rovno.
He connected with the Slavic Reformation movement in February of 2007.

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Psalm 23 - Vitali Oldnoko (Ukranian Pastor) 10/19/2008