Dr. Robert Godfrey

Dr. Robert  Godfrey

Dr. Godfrey taught church history at Westminster Seminary California since 1981, having previously taught at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Stanford University, and Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Currently he serves as the third president of Westminster Seminary California and is a minister in the United Reformed Churches. As a professor of Church History he helps students see God’s truth alive in the life of the church, shaping its worship, piety and theology. He encourages students to reflect on the ways in which different cultures have influenced the development of the church throughout its history. He has spoken at many conferences including ones sponsored by the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, and Ligonier Ministries. He is the author of An Unexpected Journey, Reformation Sketches, Pleasing God in Our Worship, and God’s Pattern for Creation. He has written chapters or articles in John Calvin, His Influence in the Western World; Through Christ’s Word; Theonomy: A Reformed Critique; The Agony of Deceit; Roman Catholicism; Sola Scriptura!; The Practice of Confessional Subscription; The Coming Evangelical Crisis; and in such journals as Archive for Reformation History, Sixteenth-Century Journal and Westminster Theological Journal.

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