Rev. Michael Schneider

Rev. Michael  Schneider

Pastor Arthur Michael Schneider III has been in the Presbyterian ministry since 1966. His father was a Presbyterian pastor for over 60 years. He is a graduate of Belhaven College in Jackson, MS (1963), and Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA (1966). He has served pastorates in Williamston, S.C. (PCUS); Alexandria, LA (PCUS and PCA); Jackson, MS (PCA); Clinton, MS (CREC) and has retired from Trinity Presbyterian Church, Valparaiso, FL (CREC) after 26 years. He served on the organizing committee of the PCA and had the distinctive of making the motion to form the PCA (1973), as well as making the motion to begin the Reformed University Ministry (RUF) of the PCA. Born in New Orleans, he grew up in Pascagoula, MS. He was married in 1967 to Judy Knox from Moultrie, GA, a descendent of John Knox’s family. The Schneiders have three grown children, John Knox Schneider; Beth (Mrs. Scott) Pruitt; and Amy (Mrs. Chris) Nix. Pastor Schneider was baptized in infancy and has had some sense of call to the ministry most of his life, a call that was especially strengthened in college years. He is organizing pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church (CREC). He was formerly the Vice-President of the Board of Directors of Rocky Bayou Christian School and was the first Presiding Minister of Athanasius Presbytery (CREC) in the Southeastern U.S.

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