Mr. Stan Deen

Mr. Stan  Deen Stan Deen is the drama teacher at Veritas Academy in Leola, PA. He has the distinct honor of having the "Garden Spot Performing Arts" (GSPA, Ephrata, PA) named for him. GSPA began in 1967, founded by then-High School English Teacher Stan Deen. Deen lead the organization for 30 years, and, during its golden age of the 1970s and early 80s, directed high school productions that rivaled those of local, professional theaters. Much of that success must be credited also to Deen's earliest and arguably his best collaborators, fellow GS teachers Bill Riley, Frank Palumbo and David Martin. Deen retired from teaching and directing at Garden Spot in 1997. To honor his legacy as both a teacher and theater director, Garden Spot's auditorium was named after him in the year 2000.

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