2022 All Saints Church Winter Conference with Dr. Steve Jeffery

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This annual mini-conference in Lancaster, PA features Rev. Dr. Steve Jeffery of Fort Worth, TX.  e This year the theme was "Christianity and Modern Science,"  however, in light of the recent passing of pastor Dr. Gregg Strawbridge, some of the sessions were tailored to the grieving congregation.  Enjoy these talks on science, biblical worldview, death, resurrection, and a look at heaven.


Steve Jeffery Steve (Ph.D. Oxford in experimental physics) is the Minister of Emmanuel Evangelical Church. He co-authored Pierced for Our Transgressions (IVP, 2007), a defence of the doctrine of penal substitutionary atonement, and The Cross (10 Publishing, 2012), an introduction to the message of the cross. He has lectured and debated in a variety of settings including universities and conferences in the UK, Europe... read more
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01 All Saints Winter Conference: Christianity a...ns of Modern Science Steve Jeffery
02 All Saints Winter Conference: Christianity a...Limitations Science Steve Jeffery
03 All Saints Winter Conference: Exhortation to Leaders in Faith and Hope Steve Jeffery
04 All Saints Winter Conference: Reflecting on Death and Resurrection Steve Jeffery
05 All Saints Winter Conference: Looking to Heaven and Resurrection Steve Jeffery