All Saints Winter Conference with Toby Sumpter - Vigilance and Grace (5 mp3s)

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See the PDF outline in the first talk for more information. The Watchful Church: Lessons for Congregational Life in Vigilance and Grace
How Jesus calls congregations to wage the good fight of faith against false doctrine and old wives tales, and to be a community of grace, contentment, and good works.

Toby Sumpter Toby Sumpter (M.A.T.S., Erskine Theological Seminary) is a pastor at Christ Church (CREC, Moscow, ID) and a host on the Crosspolitic podcast . He served as minister of Holy Trinity Church (Greenville, SC) and Trinity Reformed (Moscow, ID).
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Vigilance and Grace (01): Congregational Life Toby Sumpter
Vigilance and Grace (02): Men's Study Toby Sumpter
Vigilance and Grace (03): Women's Brunch Toby Sumpter
Vigilance and Grace (04): Mercy Ministries Toby Sumpter
Vigilance and Grace: Watchful in All Things Toby Sumpter