Bill Wilder - Understanding NT Wright's New Perspective Views (4 mp3s)

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These lectures are the most helpful of any overviews to understand NT Wright. For the past twenty-five years the world of biblical scholarship has been shaken by the so-called "Sanders Revolution" and the "New Perspective" on Paul. . . . the purpose, then, of this lecture series is to examine the work and thought of N.T. Wright, particularly with respect to the doctrine of justification, within its proper contexts: the revolution within Pauline studies in the last quarter century; the traditional formulations of the church; and, most especially, the thought-world of first-century Judaism and of that most provocative of Jews and Christians, the apostle Paul.

Bill Wilder Bill Wilder received an undergraduate degree in English and German from Guilford College and an M.Div. degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He completed his Ph.D. in Biblical Studies at Union Theological Seminary in Virginia. He is the author of Echoes of the Exodus Narrative in the Context and Background of Galatians 5:18 (Peter Lang, 2001).... read more
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